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Decided not to wait on a good review for it on site nad picked it up myself. Fallout 3 is pretty darn cool. Visually it looks pretty good and true to form you can pretty much go anywhere and do anything you want in whatever order.

I just slogged a good 10-15minutes real time into the wastelands and got into a massive war that left me

- addicted to drugs and all strung out and unable to move quickly
- with only 5 bullets to my name in the bolt action hunting rifle
- a need to run screaming to the nearest 'human settlement' to get some help.

Crazy game... loads of fun. Once I play it a bit more I am going to review it. If you have played it be sure to drop your own review on the site. VERY fun game so far... if a bit tedious.

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Pretty good game so far. I'm at 15 hours with it so far just screwing around  and having fun with the V.A.TS. system. I havent really started the main quest since i escaped the vault.

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I have to wait to get this game.  My birthday is coming up and I had to make that promise not to get myself anything before then.  It is killing me to wait, but I did promise.:(

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Game is pretty amazing... I've been switching between this and Fable 2 for the past few days. I'm enjoying both so far.

Let's not forget Dead Space and then Left 4 Dead in a few weeks!!!!

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i love how you can run and gun like aFPS but can also stop and use the VATS targetting system. Its a damn cool game. I am about 10-15hours into it. Just posted my review of the game. Feel free to post your own review. I will give a good whack of Toe Tags for all Fallout 3 reviews that get approved.

i think this is the best game I have played so far this year. But thats not saying to much since I just got into gaming on the Xbox360.

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^I thought it started a little slow as I jumped into the quests and havent encountered a lot of battles yet other than one in the supermarket.  I am only a few hours in as I havent played much since I was in Wichita.  Hopefully I can make some good progress before Gears 2 comes out.  I'll probably stop Fallout to play through Gears because thats a much shorter game, then go back to Fallout.