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So a while back I asked if anyone read Dark Harvest by Norman Partridge.  No one had seemed like they read it and I never posted my thoughts about it after I read it.

The book was fairly short and was an easy read.  It wasnt super scary by any means, but I LOVED it.  Something about it just hooked me in and ever since I have been wanting to adapt it into a screenplay.  I think it would make a really cool movie, a dark fantasy coming-of-age type horror adventure. 

It's Halloween night in 1963 in Anytown, U.S.A., and the local teenage boys are ramping up for the annual hunt for the October Boy, a pumpkin-headed being cultivated by the town fathers to run the gauntlet each All Hallows' Eve. The boy who brings him down before he makes it to the local church wins a highly coveted ticket out of town and, as most believe, liberation from the stultifying ennui of small-town life that has crushed all ambition and dreams out of the adults. Pete McCormack is among the most determined boys on the hunt, but this evening he will learn horrifying truths about his town's tradition and the terrible price he must pay for his manhood.

I suggest checking it out if you are looking for a quick, entertaining horror read.

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Is the twist in the tale as obvious as it seems from the synopsis? hmm

Bear in mind that I ruined sixth sense for myself in the first 10 minutes sad

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The book really isnt meant to have a twist.  You really know whats going on early on as they explain it all pretty early on.

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Well if I see it I might just pick it up but I doubt I'll make a special hunting trip for it wink

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It's a short read, under 200 pages, fairly good sized font.  It can be finished in one short reading session. 

Like I said it isnt really that scary and everything is explained and pretty straight forward, but it is just such a good coming of age horror adventure that I just loved it.