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As i was looking to find some good Indian  horror i came cross this
Naina (2005) which is a remake of the eye

Plot: On a day of solar eclipse, five year old, Naina, loses her eyesight and her parents in a road accident in London. Twenty years later, she is bestowed with the gift of sight thanks to the marvels of modern science. Her period of darkness is over; or is it? A horrifying period of darkness begins. What is this curse that has been upon her? Will she ever be able to escape it? Will this extraordinary sense she is now bestowed with destroy her life? Will she ever be able to resume her regular life again? "Naina" is the Quest of a young woman trying to find answers to these supernatural mysteries. Will she succeed

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Can you believe it!

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I Still can't believe it, i need to find this it's looks so funny! lol

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Yeah i watched this movie and this is amazing movie bassi . but i am not agree with you that this is not a good movie like story and all the character ..........well have you watch another Indian horrible movie like RAAZ . there is a women . she is crazy for a men but the men already have partner.however they both make sexual relation but men is not satisfy with that woman.and he leave her that's why she get suicide ,and than come to his life as a ghost. really very horrible and hot movie.

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Amazing movie ? This is a shameless bollywood ripoff of The Eye. They also had a bollywood ripoff of fight club which is actually quite hilarious if you watch some of the bollywood musical scenes from youtube. They also had a rip-off of the korean movie "Oldboy" called "Zinda". God knows what else they rip off.

Those bollywood ripoffs are not classified as remakes in the sense because the makers of those movies do not pay the license/rights for the original movies to be remake. Hollywood studios do so.