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I still think the washing machine part is quite ingenious even if it is completely not possible.

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Going back to my earlier recommendation of Marebito, I just rewatched and cant explain enough how good that film is.  If you dont like movies that make you think, then Marebito isnt one for you, but otherwise I recommend it to anyone who wants a good head trip. 

I just posted my review for it and gave it a 9.  It has been previously reviewed by Goon and Meh who score the film as a 9 and 8 respectively.  I think I speak for the two of them when I say if you like Asian horror and dont mind having to think a little to go see this movie.

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BASSI wrote:

Anyone seen The Locker 1 & 2 ?
are they any good ?

It's all right , a relatively low budget straight to video  that kind of reminds me of ju-on. The locker is haunted by a ghost child with long long hair like cousin IT from the addams family.

Whoever came across the locker gets cursed by the ghost and eventually gets killed or vanished ala Ju-on.  One guy even got dragged inside the small locker like a scene from the blob.

If you like Ju-on , then i imagine you might like this movie.