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I love special edition dvds. I love the documenteries, behind the scenes stuff, interviews and any other featurettes that they can throw onto a dvd. But there are lots of movies that havent had any special edition releases yet.I would love to see special editons of the first three Return Of The  Living Dead films, Slumber Party Massacre, Sorority House Massacre and Sorority Babes in the Slime Ball Bowl-O-Rama. How about you guys, anything special you'd like to see get the treatment?

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Definatly agree, special editions and all....since I want to a be a filmmaker I devour good behind the scenes stuff. I hate the 12 minute EPK talking head "it was so good working on the film" stuff.  Even if a featurette is only 12-20 minutes long...I love them when they are rich in detail.

Movies I would like to see get a special edition DVD treatment:

1. THE KEEP: I would like to see a set that has Michael Mann's original 3 hour cut along with at all possible a behind the scenes documentary made at the time the film was made, I know there was one done.  Also a retropsective doc would be fun, even if only a half hour or so.  A commentary by Mann and maybe a seperate one by F. Paul Wilson would be nice too.

2. POLTERGIEST: Heard there was one being made, hope for it soon.

3. FROM BEYOND:  Need I say more?  I want to see the damn uncut, uneditied DVD with all hte commentaries and special features promised a year ago!

4. THE BEYOND:  I just want to get one at a good price.

5. THE DEADLY MANTIS:  One of my fav giant bug films

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I'd like to see Nightbreed get the special edition treatment. And I would also like to see a special edition of Hardware to match the great Subversive Films 5-disc set for Dust Devil.

Some films I would just be happy to see released on DVD or re-released in the proper aspect ratio are: The Dark Half, From Beyond, and The Keep.

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I'd like to see "Squirm" get beefed up a bit.  It's a very scarce DVD.

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Pet Semetary.. I know they put out a Special Edition for this but it was a pitiful attempt.. I'd like to see some more indepth work on that.. As well American Werewolf in London.. The best werewolf film of all time and all it has is some crappy DVD treatment.. Also Night of The Creeps and Razorback..

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Yes on Razorback...completely forgot.

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"Fright Night" is also a pretty bare-bones DVD.