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Just wanted to give a heads up to you folks about a book called "Ghost Road Blues" by Jonathan Mayberry..I've been reading it as I trek across Canada on my vacation and just finished it. Pretty awesome..about 475 pages and the first book in a trilogy that the author is releasing over the next couple of years...Check it out if you can...

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wats it about? i might get it.

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I just registered for this board and was pleased to find that my novel, Ghost Road Blues, had been discussed.  Hope you enjoyed the book.

Ghost Road Blues was just nominated for two Bram Stoker Awards -for Best First Novel and Novel of the Year. 

-Jonathan Maberry

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well who better to tell us what the novel is about then you. Give us the lowdown, whats it about, what inspired you to write it.

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Ghost Road Blues (Pinnacle Books) is the first of a trilogy of supernatural thrillers set in the small town of Pine Deep, PA.  Pine Deep’s had a long and troubled history –mass murders, urban legends, hauntings, the works—and over the last few years it’s re-imagined itself as a tourist spot by playing up its haunted history.  Known as the “Most Haunted Town in America† and “America’s Haunted Holidayland†, Pine Deep boasts the nation’s largest haunted hayride, a massive Halloween Festival and horror movie marathons.

The problem is...Pine Deep really is the most haunted town in America and that’s not going to be such a good thing for either the residents or the tourists.

Our story starts with a manhunt for a serials killer, Karl Ruger.  He thinks he’s just fleeing the cops but he’s being drawn to Pine Deep by an ancient evil that is gathering an army –human and inhuman- in order to launch an attack on the world of the living.

Book I is built largely around the Karl Ruger story and though it has a lot of supernatural elements in it, it’s built more like a suspense thriller.  Think Silence of the Lambs meets Salems Lot and you’ll be in the right zip code.  The book has been nominated for two Stoker Awards: Best First Novel and Novel of the Year.

Book II: Dead Man’s Song, due out in July, has more a mystery feel to it as the both sets of characters  --good guys and bad guys—work through their agendas.  The good guys think the story is over, but the bad guys are pulling a lot of strings and things are really getting worse all the time.

Book III: Bad Moon Rising (which I just finished writing last week), is more of an action story with the undead army launching its attack on the town. It’s the most violent of the three books (which is saying something).

The backstory of the trilogy is drawn from my research into the folklore of ghosts, vampires, etc.  I’ve written a number of nonfiction books on that subject, including VAMPIRE UNIVERSE, which came out from Citadel Press this past September.  There are four more nonfiction books lined up from Citadel.  I tour and lecture on folklore quite a bit.

The action in the story is drawn largely from personal experience. I’ve been practicing and teaching jujutsu for 43 years and have written extensively on the subject.  I’m a former entertainment industry bodyguard and own a business where I teach worst-case-scenario arrest techniques to police and SWAT.

There’s more on the books at and

If you have any other questions, let me know.