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This is best defined as ... I think I pee'd my pants. You can feel free to put that slogan on t-shirts and buttons. I will not object. Today while checking out Io9 I found some SERIOUSLY bad ass concept art for God of War which I can only assume is f...

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I'm in the middle of God of War 2 and thats one of the Boss Battles.  I just kicked his ass the other day big_smile and stole his huge mallet.  I got to the Dark Cerberus and gave up til next time I get a chance to play.

I fuckin hate cerberus's, so annoying.

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well meh i hate to bust your bubble but andy park is the official concept artist for god of war (ive collected all his works for the god of war series).yes gabs is right as that is a piece for the second game but the works for the third should be out any time.the actually have some incredible pieces that werent even used for the second game that involved swimming the you can tell im a collector of concept art. wink