Topic: Slamdance Brings the Slaughter

Not long ago Slamdance held a competition for the best horror screenplay. If you were to win you would get not only a $10,000 prize but they would also produce your script. Well the lucky guys to win were from the U.K. Nathan Brookes and Bobby Darby....

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Re: Slamdance Brings the Slaughter

I read an unproduced script, a while ago, with the title "Slaughter".  I can't remember the name or location of the writer.  It was about a group of college kids that go to an abandoned butcher shop to prove an urban legend wrong.  They are attacked by the mysterious butcher as he starts killing them off, one by one.  It was definately inspired by "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre".  I'm not sure about being inspired by asian cult films.  Anyways, that would be cool if that was the one that won.  I doubt it, though.

Anyways, congrats to the winners.