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Here it goes...

Based on the movie DOG SOLDIERS you and your fellow mates will take the roles of either a breed of werewolves or a unique rookie or elite soldier sent in by a secert military branch of the United States that deals with such... missions... of the unknown, if you will.
Your mission is too silence the following...

-Werewolves and any other oppsing threats that are in the way of YOUR duty

You'll be dropped off by a british helicopter as this takes place in the Highlands of Scoutland at 7pm 30 mintues till darkness takes over. Your terrain will be the big great out doors surrounded by woods and nothing but woods along with rivers, rocks and over course the annoying cold weather. It is November 26th 1993. Mission code named, ''Volf'' your destination is a few miles away, there will be a jeep issued for you hidden behind a broken down, vacant shack near a muddy road. The destination is a simple manor house.

You will link up with a smaller team called, ''special forces'' where they will help you in your mission.

MAP of manor house

Floor 1: Contains 1 bathroom, a living room with 3 windows, dining room with 4 windows, kitchen with 1 window, reading room with no window, one closet
Floor 2: Contains 3 bedrooms one window in each bedroom, 1 bathroom small window, 3 closets (one in each bedroom), a study room with a wide window (research room)
Addict: Contains boxs, very hot, one window. vents.
Basement: Contains dryer, washer, storage room, boiler room and a hidden crypt (a burial place)
Crypt: contains a maze full of dead freash or rotting or old bodies. Rituals and occult endevours are also held here, a ritual room, medival laboratory

MAP of front yard

Shed: contains farming tools and hay?

MAP of backyard

Small cemetary: contains tons of grave stones, an atlar at the far end.

May God be with you men!

There will be two teams, the werewolves and the soldiers, pick your side.
Werewolf Character Sheet (Only seven werewolves are allowed, if there are seven werewolves, no more werewolves)
Name: what is your werewolves name?
Gender: Boy or girl?
Age: How old is your Werewolfe?
Breed: what type of werewolve are you? (ex: white breed)
Rank: What rank is your werewolfe? (note. im the leader)
Abilities: what attacks and powers does your werewolve have?
Height: how tall is your werewolve?
Weight: how much does your werewolve weigh?
Bio: history of your werewolf
Soldier Character Sheet (only 10 soldiers are allowed, if there is a max of 10, no more soldiers are allowed, and if there is 10, they will be split into teams)
Name and soldier nick name: fake name and then a nick name
Age: how old is your soldier
Gender: boy or girl
Rank: what rank are you? (note, no captine, only I can be cpt)
Height: (how tall is your character)
Weight: (how much does your character weigh)
Personality: (whats he or she like?)
Equipment: (what items to you have for this mission?)
Primary Weapon: (main gun, ex: shotgun)
Secondary Weapon: (side gun, ex: pistol)
Personal Item: (ex: a photo of wife and kids, but it can be cooler)
- No character controling

- Stay on topic or you'll get kicked out

- No flamming

- No spamming

- No arguing. If you have a discrepancy with someone, calmly deal with it outside of the RP through private messages.

- The only Races that you can pick are soldier or werewolf...nuf said.

- No God characters, ex: super lazzer with big armor and i can get slashed and kicked by 10 werewolves and still live, BS, stay real people ok?

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Name and soldier nick name: Alistair Darkward aka Fist
Age: 30
Gender: MAN
Rank: captin of first team, ''Zulu'' i'll need another cpt if there are 10 soldiers. (5 soldiers for 2 teams, one cpt for each, im cpt of team Zulu the other team is Alpha)
Height: 6'4''
Weight: 200 pounds of pure strength
Personality: serious, funny at times, never seems to let his guard down, not even for a girl
Equipment: standard U.S. army equipment.
Primary Weapon: M4A1 machine gun
Mele Weapon: Steel machete
Secondary Weapon:  berrta 9mm
Personal Item: pain killers

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how the hell does this work?  I'm unfamiliar with these things.

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alright, its simple my friend just follow the character sheet and ill take care of everything. Like I said, im the cpt of the military team and leader of the werewolves. im the only person who can hve two characters. Its really simple and basic, we just post posts containing information on what we're doing in the rp
ex: me and cpt. fist went down into the basment and found a werewolfe eatin away at a baby. Cpt. Fist took out his m4A1 and blasted the bastard away.

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you must be ultra bored Lucideo

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please join