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(I have returned after a few Months, I'm making a new rp. This rp is set in an alternate history universe, during the Cold War, although, it isn't very cold anymore).

By 1987,The USSR had conquered Most of Europe, Except for Finland and Great Britain, Finland has been holding off the Russians for quite sometime, and the British are on Their last legs. The USSR Launched an assault on the Western Coast of the United States, they have pushed through and taken over most of the West Coast. The USSR had been Developing a new EMP strike, which would render almost ever NATO and UN Nuclear missile unable to fire. Using advanced satellite, they disabled the United States' ability to retaliate.

Following a few weeks of fighting on the West Coast, the Russians Launched a nuclear attack against Texas and most of the south. The remnants of the US have relocated to Maine, and the east coast has become heavily militaristic, conscripting nearly every able bodied person.

Following the attacks on Texas and the south, large masses of Zombies have appeared, Mid Western America has become overrun with zombies, another overwhelming factor of the weakened US Government. Mexico has been having lots of trouble just holding off the Russians and Zombies.

How will you fight for? The Russians,The Americans or The Mexicans?

(I will be controlling most of the actions of the Armies and Countries until someone comes along that fits the spot to control these forces, most characters should start off Within The West Coast, Mexico, or the East Coast, for now I would suggest The East and West coast, and anyone can be trying to survive the onslaught of zombies in the Midwest.

Weapons:(Characters current equipment, The Americans: M-16, Pistol of any choice, Russians: AK-47, Pistol of any choice, Grenades:Frag, Flash or Smoke)
Gear/Clothing:(Combat Uniform, Flashlight, Knife, clothing etc.)
Side:(American Military, Russian Military, or Midwest Dweller)
Rank:(Not Applicable to Dwellers, Nothing higher then Lt. for Americans and Sgt. For Russians)

My Profile
Name: Thomas Dead
Height: 6'2
Weight: 190
Looks:Black Hair, Blue eyes, war torn look
Weapons:M-16, Colt M1911, Frag Grenades
Gear:Standard Issue United States Army Ranger Uniform
Side:United States Army Rangers
Rank: Lt.
Personality:Strict, doesn't take shit, but cares about his men
Bio: Thomas was born in New York, and grew up with nearly no friends and limited Social Contact, after leaving school, he worked a few years as a Train Conductor, where he learned how to work with people again. He joined up in the Army when he turned 21 and has been in the army ever since.

(when I start the actual RP thread, I will have many more details as to how this will go.

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Name: Adrik Ivanov
Age: 26
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 160
Looks: Relatively handsome with the common blond hair and blue eyes.
Race: Caucasian.. He's Russian, basically...
Weapons: The standard AK-74 (yes AK-74 not AK-47) assault rifle and Tokarev pistol
Gear/Clothing: The Spetsnaz uniform (?)
Side: Russian Special Forces, known as Spetsnaz for the Russians
Rank: Sergeant
Personality: Patriotic and loyal to his country, with a fierce hatred of Americans reaching back to the start of the war when his brother was killed in a battle in Oregon.
Bio: Adrik is a good soldier, well-trained and highly-skilled. He will do anything to secure victory for his nation, including sacrificing himself if that is necessary. He served sporadically in the Russian invasion of European countries and also in the initial invasion of the United States West Coast. He is currently stationed in the capital of Nevada, Carson City, near the border between California and Nevada. Sporadic zombie incursions spearheading from the East Coast and Midwest United States occasionally come through Nevada and occasionally through California.

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It would be nice to get another one of these going.  I like doing these things but we need some people.

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Name: Ryan Fisher
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220
Looks: buzz cut blond hair with dark blue eyes. Has a large build from playing football in highschool. When his arms are bare you can see a cross tattoo on his bicep
Weapons:Remington M24 SWS, Beretta 92SB‑F, frag and smoke grenades.
Gear/Clothing:(Wears basic army uniform. Wear fingureless gloves, Normally keeps dog tags in shirt and roles the sleeves up on long shirt and jackets up to his elbows. When off duty he will walk about in dark green sleeveless t-shirt.)
Side:(American Military)
Rank: Corporal - Sniper
Personality: Used to be a happier person, but so did everyone else before the war. Tend to be a faily calm guy but can get angry at the drop of a hat. Talks and opens up more when men get to know him better. Very sarcastic but mostly in a funny way. Likes to make people laugh.
Bio: When the war had started Ryan had been attending college at BGSU for only 1 month. By the time the nukes hit, he had dropped out of school and joined the army. He completed his rifle training test hitting 37 targets out of 40. After he went into sniper school. He showed exceptional skill at spotting and shooting on his own and was put into a new type of sniper training program that had just started. He was put into the first sniper training that used walking Zeds as targets. After training he was assigned to Lt. Dead Company. Does not know if family is alive or not.

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