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The Left 4 Dead Survival Pack is now available for the PC and Xbox 360, free of charge to all owners of the game. The full change list for the PC release is below. In addition, both the retail and Steam versions of the game (PC and 360) are now avail...

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So far I am unimpressed with the update.   The survival mode is kind of dumb.  Feels to me like a rushed idea and is basically a rip off of Horde mode on Gears 2 except with a time limit.   

The two new maps are nice for Versus as everyone knew all the good hiding spots on No Mercy and Blood Harvest, but really once people get accustomed to it I am sure people will continue to be cheap as hell.

Lots of glitches still not fixed.  The melee fatigue sucks because it feels like they made the Hunter beefier than before.  You cant melee him off as easily and now it seems like the damage he does is through the roof.

Overall just kind of unimpressed with it.

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I like Left 4 Dead but have not downloaded this update yet...will have to get to that sometime this week-
jmh314...what are you playing it on pc or 360? Look me up...Aidan McManus is my tag name on 360

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^  I am on 360.  My name is RaPToR HoXmA

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Cool...I'll look you up 2night...I got the update last ngiht and palyed thrugh it a bit...seems like it is harder which in my opinion makes it that much more fun