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Yes I recognize that there is a designated forum for this but since that section of messageboard isn't explored as much and this IS "General" horror board I have posted it here. Lately I have been granted the ability to add trailers to TerrorFeed. Now I'm sure you have seen my influence if you have noticed the last couple of trailers I have added...

Street Trash - … ashTrailer
Maniac - … 980Trailer
The Prowler - … lerTrailer
Brain Damage - … ageTrailer

Of course I have done a couple others but I mention these to bring out a point. These are my types of films. Movies that seldom get watched that have fantastic trailers. Not only that but they also add a bit more color to TerrorFeed. Its not just ALL modern horror. I want to bring some of the classics to it...

Point is I am turning to you guys to tell me what trailers you would like to see added to TerrorFeed. All you gotta do is give me a link to the trailer on youtube and the title and I'll try and get it up as fast as I can.. Now I'm only adding two of these classics a day because I don't want to go overboard. So what do you want to see?

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Good idea bro, I will edit more of my favs on this post but I love EH its one of my favorites

I know all these can't go up I am just trying to give you a variety to choose from.

Event Horizon

Night of the Creeps


Creature from the Black Lagoon


Dead Next Door

Last house on the left


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is youtube the only one you can use?  I have few trailers not on youtube like a couple above in my original post.

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If they are on Youtube I can add them right away.. Otherwise I may have to get Meh to convert them or add them to youtube myself and then add them to TerrorFeed.. But I have seen that Night of the Creeps one on Youtube.. You can definetly count on that one

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Nice choices, Goon.  You should put up the "Grindhouse Glory" 5 minute trailer.  That's a badass trailer.

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is the grindhouse glory 5minute clip not already on terrorfeed? ie this