Topic: Rue Morgue Issue #89 Sneak Peek

On May 1st Rue Morgue Issue 89 will be hitting magazine shelves everywhere. So to give you guys a heads up on what will be inside the folks over at Rue Morgue have provided us with some details. This months cover is dedicated to Sam Raimi's return to...

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Re: Rue Morgue Issue #89 Sneak Peek

I keep trying to decide on whether or not I need to subscribe to Rue Morgue or go back to Fango.  With this site I don't know why I'd need a magazine, but was always nice to get that in the mail.  Not that I'm a fan of the new cover layout for Fangoria in the least.  Oh well, I guess we'll see.  Thanks for the info.

That being said, I'm not going to miss the Clive Barker cover for Fangoria #284 in celebration of their 30th year.

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Re: Rue Morgue Issue #89 Sneak Peek

Rue never seems to have enough film content to satiate this sumabitch  - whereas an issue of Fango can keep me busy for a good week - into the weekend if I sees me some boobs! big_smile !