Topic: Charles Band Announces Second Full Moon Horror Road Show

Charles Band, whose 270 plus films as founder of independent sci-fi/horror studio, Full Moon Pictures, established him as one of Hollywood’s most successful cult movie impresarios, has announced that he will stage the second incarnation of his Full Moon Horror Road Show this fall beginning in San Francisco on September 14.

Last year’s eighteen city theatre run featured Band orchestrating a wild mix of surprise guest appearances, never-before-seen rare Full Moon footage, off-the-wall contests, original puppet & doll auctions at each tour stop, bizarre audience participation, unique merchandise and road show specials and the chance to win a part to be killed in a Full Moon feature. This year’s twenty-one city trek figures to be an even wilder foray into a world where the only limits are that of imagination.

Band is known for the many surprises he brings to his shows and this year’s tour features a raft of new eye openers. The coup de grace is a live on-stage decapitation. In addition, there will be a provocative audience participation event called The Casting Couch and the unveiling of GAMEBRA, the follow-up to last year’s wildly popular MONSTERBRA. Band will also be awarding “Executive Producer† credits to many attendees as well as giving away copies of his much anticipated film, Evil Bong, starring Tommy Chong, set for national release October 24.

“We’ll be having a great time,† he promised. I’ll be unveiling some awesome new merchandise, some of which will be for sale in limited quantity, introducing celebrity guests in each city, presenting our cast of spooky characters and half-naked chicks and much, much more. But you’ll have to come and see for yourself! I’m looking forward to meeting as many of our fans as possible and I’ll be on hand after each show to chat and sign autographs.â€

Band will kick off Full Moon Horror Road Show II in San Francisco, September 14 @ Rickshaw Stop; 9/15, La Jolla, CA, @ La Jolla Brew House; Phoenix, 9/16 @ Big Daddy’s North; 9/17, Las Vegas @ Celebrity Nightclub and Lounge; 9/21, Austin @ Alamo South Lamar; 9/22, Dallas @ Lakewood Theatre; 9/23, Norman, OK @ Sooner Theatre; 9/24, Little Rock @ Juanita’s Café & Bar; 9/28, Miami @ The Pawn Shop Lounge; 9/29, Clearwater, FL, @ The Majestic Lounge and Nightclub; 9/30, Marietta, GA @ The Darkside; 10/1, Charlotte, NC @ Neighborhood Theatre; 10/5, Baltimore @ Have A Nice Day Cafe; 10/6, Garwood, NJ @ The Crossroads; 10/7,  Poughkeepsie @ The Loft; 10/8, Allston, MA @ The Kells Of Boston; 10/11, Buffalo @ The Icon; 10/12, Cleveland @ The Agora; 10/13, Chicago @ Excalibur Nightclub; 10/14, Middleton, WI @ The Warehouse Stage; 10/15, Minneapolis @ The Varsity Theatre.

Re: Charles Band Announces Second Full Moon Horror Road Show

I've seen him do his road show act before. It wasn't a part of the "Official" Road Show last year but he gave everyone a taste of what it is like at Cinema Wasteland.. Hes a pretty funny guy. I don't think I have ever heard the word "dude" said so many times in one sentence. I guess thats what Cali does to you..