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Not long ago we told you about the announcement that Activision made with the release of Prototype on June 9th. Today a new trailer was launched that highlights all the different kinds of missions that are within the game. As long as you have a PS3, ...

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There is a truckload of mature titles dropping late spring and early summer.. this being one of them...I have about 10 games on my buy list through August... unfortunately the new RE game for the Wii is another cheesy rail shooter ( god I hate them)...but the Wii also has a remade Resident Evil One hitting around the same time... now that will kick ass. RE4 Wii is the best horror game on the Wii... I'm playing Shellshock 2 for the 360 right now which is really surprisingly creepy... but a lack of bullets and shoddy controls are keeping me from loving it.

This game (Prototype) looks pretty bloody, I hope it lives up to the hype.

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I like rail shooters like Virtua Cop.. I guess I'm just use to them because I always loved playing those types of games when Arcades use to be big. I'm really looking forward to Prototype myself.. I don't have much else on my radar right now.. The Saw video game looks a little lame and more like a rental at this point.