Topic: Mojave(aka Death Valley) - 2004

I watched this 2004 film recently called Mojave aka "Death Valley" on one of the cable movie channels and it wasn't too bad of a film.

The film is about 4 friends who go out to a huge rave in the desert and trip on some drugs and then the next day when everyone has left they are attacked by a group of locals and they end up killing one of them and then have to defend fore their lives to get out of there.

This film has a decent cast in it with the likes of:

Erice Christian Olsen - from Beerfest
Dash Mihok - from The Day after Tomorrow
Rider Strong - from Cabin Fever
Brendan Fletcher - from Freddy vs Jason
Vince Vileuf - from An American Werewolf in Paris

The film is rather decent so check it out if you haven't seen it.