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I don't expect a very helpful answer to this question, here it is:

For the longest time I have been trying to figure out which show this particular episode is from. I'm pretty sure it's a "Tales from the Dark Side", 80's or 90's kind of show, but I'm not sure. I don't know the title of the episode, but I can describe it. A family is sitting around in their living room and the children are talking to their parents about a myth that they heard, that if you sing this rhyme with this creatures name in it, it will anger him and he will appear. The parents dismiss their fears by singing the song in hopes of disproving their children, however shortly after they finish the rhyme, the demonic being does appear, and it's rather large and frightening looking.

Any help would be much appreciated, it's been eating away at me for quite some time.

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That is a Tales From the Darkside episode called Seasons of Belief.  My favorite.  The parents start off telling a story on Christmas night about this creature that lives at the North Pole.  And every time you say his name his ears grow bigger until he can fly to you.  They say they have to finish the story before he appears to keep him from coming.  They sing a song around the piano to the tune of a christmas carol.  The parents don't believe because they made it up. 

He comes. 

Sixx (Jenna Von Oy) from Blossom is the little girl and the father is E G Marshall. 


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