Topic: The Brothers Bloom (2009)

Anytime I see a great Limited release film,, I feel the need to shar with anyone who will listen.  I usually find one film a year it seems that comes out early and is a must see.  In 2005 it was Mean Creek, in 2006 it was Brick, in 2007 it was The Lookout, 2008 was the amazing In Bruges......and now I found my first must see of 2009 to spread the word on......the Brothers Bloom.

It was a great Con movie and all around a lot of fun!  Rather than repeat a lot of my sentiments, I will just refer you to my review over on our sister site as well as provide the trailer for you to check out.  Enjoy, and if its playing near you, go see The Brothers it NOW!



Re: The Brothers Bloom (2009)

While I didnt expect this film to do well in theaters this weekend since it is very limited release and tough box office competition, I was shocked to see it land at #15 at the box office charts over the 4 day holiday weekend.  It was only released in 52 theaters nationwide, but it's per theater average was just a shade over $10,000 on its way to raking up $528,000.  That was the third highest "per theater" average of the weekend, behind T4 and Museum but higher average than Angels & Demons and Star Trek.   

Hopefully they will see this film had some decent success in a limited amount of theaters and will release it in more theaters so more people can get out and enjoy this one. … 21a&p=