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Below you can checkout a trailer for the book the STRAIN which an upcoming feature fil is being based on. The new film will be a vampire trilogy. The synopsis from the book which this film is being based on goes as such;
A Boeing...

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I was confused for a moment, thinking, ok, is this gonna be a book, I thought it was gonna be a movie.  Ok, maybe this is already a book that's gonna be a movie, so how did I miss the book?  Or is this all some big web thing that's gonna have me wasting my time for the next three days....ok, grab a coffee and think.

That done, I found that yes, there is a book, to be released June 2, according to, and then the movie will follow.  What a cool concept.  I'm gonna buy the book, of course, because I'm a sucker for a good vampire novel (and yes I read 2 of the 4 Twilight novels, but that's more to feed the inner teenage girl than for actual literary suppliment).  I checked out the website for this flick, and it looks pretty frickin' cool. So I'll buy the book, I'll see the movie(s), the whole lot, he's got me.  I'm hoping that since 30 Days of Night, the vampire (ok, the scary vampire, not the sparkly MTV tart of a vampire, no offense meant, I love a bit of eye candy as much as the next girl, but come on!) will get back its reputation as the vicious hunter that they truly deserve.

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Damn! What  a tease! I hope the movie goes into production soon! Great trailer!