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Emily Blunts new film Windchill hits theatres the end of April and we finally have a trailer. Honestly have not been following this one at all, and considering this is a horror site I am not sure thats a good thing. WindChill is about a couple thats ...

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Re: Emily Blunts WindChill Trailer

I personally can't wait to see this movie. I'm a huge fan of Emily Blunt and since this isn't some stupid re-make and looks like it has potential, I'll definitely be seeing it.

Re: Emily Blunts WindChill Trailer

I like it! The first footage I saw of this film, via the IMDb page for the film I think, I wasn't impressed by what I saw. It looked like the scenes were shot on a studio set rather than on location. It was a sharp picture. This trailer on TerrorFeed wasn't as sharp, yet I enjoyed it more. I hope that dosen't mean it's hiding something which won't make me like the film.

I loved the ice crunching sound as the film's title appeared at the end of the trailer.

OT: I'd also like to say thanks for these trailers being made available to view on the site. It's appreciated. I'm preferring watching film trailers on here.