Topic: Eli Roth Talks Cell

Eli Roth has quickly become a very busy man. He's been out promoting Hostel Part II and adding final touches to the movie. Now he is out promoting Grindhouse in which he has a small role and his faux trailer of course appears as well. SciFi Wi...

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It sound like Eli has the right idea and that maybe I'll be able to add Cell to my very short list of films that do Stephen King's books justice. I guess I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best. I would love to see a cameo by King too that would be great.

Re: Eli Roth Talks Cell

Cell is a kickass book.  One of King's best.  Eli Roth is a kickass director.  One of the best.  This film is going to kick some serious ass.  I can't wait.