Topic: Last Call: Silent Venom Contest

This is your last call to enter and win Luke Perry's Silent Venom on DVD or as I prefer to call it... Snakes on a MotherF**king Sub!! Lieutenant Commander O’Neill’s (Perry) orders were simple: Pilot a retired submarine to its final port a...

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Re: Last Call: Silent Venom Contest

If i was on a sub with some snakes, i would quickly get all of the members of the submarine together, grab some supplies fast and lock ourselves in a hatch. As the snakes were becoming more and more violent and hungry, and at night, while everyone is sleeping and im doing my shift making sure everything is alright, i would put on a thick scuba diving suit, quietly open the hatch, sneak out and hide for a while, eventually the snakes would notice and go in for the kill! This gives me an advantage because they are no longer so hungry, and most likely will sleep for a while. I quickly gather supplies, set up a bomb that will go off in 2 minutes, head to the escape pod... The escape pod is not un-latching i only have 30 seconds left, im kicking the lever.... it snaps off ohhh S*** at this time i only have 10 seconds left. I see a wrench on the ground. 9 seconds. I pick up the wrench and put it on the latch. 8 seconds. As i look back in the window the snakes are trying to get in. The alarm has woken them up! I keep on trying to un latch the pod. 5 seconds. The glass with the snakes trying to get in starts to form hairline cracks.4 seconds. All of a sudden! *CLUNK* The pod lets go i begin to float away. I look in the background *BOOOOOM!!!!* I grab a hold of the handles on the pod it starts rocking violently, the cracks are getting larger, then water starts to rush in, i grab a air tank, the pod is surfacing fast! WHOOSH! i surface, quickly swim ashore, but little do i realize that something is following me!

There is my entry.