Re: Scariest console game?

swampthing wrote:

Fatal Frame. You don't get no gun, just the camera. And Broken Neck is still scary as shit.

I personally was gonna say Fatal Frame II.   That one did me in a whole hell of a lot.  Even with the filament on your camera letting you know a ghost was around, it still scared the shit out of you.

daxter wrote:

what about eternal darkness

I wouldnt say Eternal Darkness is the SCARIEST game I ever played, but it is probably the most fucked-up mind trip of a game ever.  Damn, I need to buy that on ebay for cheap or something and play it on my Wii.

Re: Scariest console game?

twistedsista wrote:
MacheteMassacre wrote:

The first Resident Evil game.  After that it was more action.  Definately the Silent Hill series, except for the latest one.  But, I'm gonna have to go with Fatal Frame.

Couldn't agree more!

I would like to add Dead Space and both Condemed 1 & 2 to the list.

I can't believe I forgot about Dead Space.  Yes, that game creeped me out.

Re: Scariest console game?

Zombies at my neighbors, or maybe the CDi Zelda games *SCREAMS*

Re: Scariest console game?

Its a tie between Silent Hill and Resident Evil.. somethign about opening that damn door and hoping you dont get eaten !!! (or killed- or sawed in half by a mutuant's appendage)

Re: Scariest console game?

silent hill scared the hell out of me. scariest game ive ever been on.