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Dead Man's Shoes?

It came out in the UK in 2004 and is just now being released on dvd here on sept 5.  I've heard nothing but great things about it and am anxious to get a copy, but I'm wondering what your thoughts are.

Thanks smile

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I have not seen it but our sister site reviewed it and rated it well. … hp?id=1977

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I've been having my eye on this film for awhile now... and I've read nothing but good things.  I can't wait to check it out.


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Yea I've read bits and pieces about it.. Nothing really caught my eye though.

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i read somewhere that it had been labeled one of the best movies that no one has ever heard of

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It just came out on dvd so I figured I'd give it a shot, especially because I've been hearing a lot about this film.  Also it's British, and I always appreciate a good film coming from beyond my borders.  I was nervous that perhaps it wasn't going to live up to my expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised in how well this film captivated my interests.  It is very brilliantly performed, spoken of as Considine's (the lead) best performance.  The aspect of revenge was central but the film didn't depend on it.  The plot is strong, but not overbearing, because every other feature of this film carries its own weight.  Even the soundtrack is so fitting, not to mention emotional.  The portrayal and progress of story telling was awesome.  While it may not be terribly bloody, it's still quite intense, and I highly recommend for anyone looking for a powerful experience.