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So, I've made it no secret so far just how much I LOVE Dead Space. I'm a goob for it.

So, I'd like to turn your attention, please, to issues 1 - 6 of the Dead Space comic written by Anthony Johnston with unreal artwork by the one and only Ben Templesmith.
As a precursor to what happens to Isaac Clarke aboard the USG Ishimura, Dead Space (so titled) is an awesome series. It really sets the mood for universe in which the game is set. The dialogue is interesting and flows naturally, and Mr. Templesmith's style is a perfect match for what the story defines for us.

Although the issues are out of print the Hardcover TPB is not. It's a must have in the collection of any Sci-Fi horror fan. The great thing about the collection is that it offers background write ups on all the characters you're going to meet... from P-Sec's Bram Neumann, to the rabble rousing Unitologist Deacon Abbott.
Plus it's a shiny hardcover, where most trades are paperback (hence Trade Paper Back, I guess).

Check it out. I'm pretty certain you won't be disappointed.

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Is it being sold in Barnes & Noble or on Amazon?  Does it have it's own site to check it out?  The game looked cool, and books are always better than the games or movies, so I may be interested.

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Barnes and Noble have it. and .ca also have it.
Unfortunately there's no site dedicated to it, though there should be... although a preview can be seen at Comic Book Resources by doing a quick Google for Dead Space Comic Preview.

If anything, the book just makes you hunger for the game.:)

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Excellent, I'll check it out.  Thanks for the info.