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Ok,so Reaper is on life support.Jenny Wade made her campaign a while back and got it started.Me and a few other s have stayed true to trying to get this awesome show revived in one form or another.A comic book,cartoon,tv or dvd movie or a season 3 of the show.So we all know we wont get a season 3 this fall but maybe down the road.Stranger things have happened!Family Guy got brought back and now Futurama is coming back afer 7 years of being off air!All the actors loved this show and i'd want all of them back!Jenny Wade is one of the nicest and original celebs you'll ever want to talk to!this show was more of a comdey but it belngs here! If you are curious or want to support Reaper check these sites out.  also you can follow many Reaper fans on Twitter!



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Sorry, got boring.  Good luck to you and other fans, though.  Also not sure about that .vom thing.  Makes me wary.  And actually, not a fan of Family Guy or Futurama, either.  Nor am I a fan of peace.  I prefer chaos.

But seriously, I hope you get your show back on.  I remember when Bab5 was in limbo and I was not happy.  Again, seriously, good luck.

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yeah,I really got boring about that~~