Topic: Zombie MMOFPS wouldnt it be cool ?


Hello, my name is Paul Williams III and would like to see, you make a mmofps zombie game, if you guys could consider it.  I would like the game to be conserve ammunition when doing missions, or survival stages. The bases where you can buy or what ever currency you can use to get weapons and material.
      It would be a military base or some kind of survival outpost. There would be locations of big city's and of big country areas for the landscape and wouls suspect small towns to be in it. I would hope it would be something like world of warcraft or starwars galaxy gameplay and not of hellgate or diablo games and would want the game to be as realistic as possible.
      Able to pick up items like Resident Evil. I would also think there would be hunting knives and swords as well as black powder pistols that you retrieve from buildings and would not be able to buy. Like i said though, I want it to be conservative of ammunition when doing missions and would be able to find ammunition in farm houses and gang hideouts as well as police stations.
     I would suspect to be Raiders or outcast bikers that group up against us for their survival to steal and pillage for their means. The Zombies could be different types like the normal infected zombies mindless, and  smart zombies that other npc units to go against us.
      You could also for some missions, pick up video tapes that could show people trapped in a room with guns that are about to be eaten by the zombies, and what you can do is retrieve the video and give it to their familys for closure and get a reward. You Will be able to ride Motorcycles,quads,dirtbikes,gocarts, normal vehicles.
      I would think there would be some classes like
     survivor,military soldier,cop,swat,green beret,jurnalist.
Hope it would either start out as a comet hitting Earth or astroid, which brings disease, or human made that gets out of hand and reaches the public. A story that can intrigue the players.
     Survivors would start out by themselves and begin with pistols or low pump action shotguns.
Cops start out with pistols,semi-shotguns,m16s
military start out with m4,m16,ak-47, as well as light machine guns
Swat & Green Berets start out with sub machine guns with grenades,mp5,skorpian and Such weapons.
Jurnalist start out with the police and get Camera, for valubale trade taking pictures for the army, Pistols basically money maker.
Zombie List
Normal Infected, Bite Hands
Zombie with gun   ACC 50% Slow Shooting
Zombie Pukes acid  Throws up
Smart Zombie   (Boss) Like two times bigger formatable with a gun, crow bar or something.
Radioactive zombie (Boss) Radiation blast or something
Dog Zombie  Biting
Catamount Biting claws
Bear Zombie  claw biting, charge

Wild animals
Some deadly some not when in the countryside; nuetral animals would be in as well

Outcast bikers
Crowbars,baseballbats and weapons

Re: Zombie MMOFPS wouldnt it be cool ?

Sounds cool but you want us to make it?