Topic: Gory Lori Bullets, Babes, and Bloodshed

I just scored a really kewl signed zombie comic that I really enjoyed Gory Lori no.1 came out in 2005 by Chanting Monks Press.Drawn really well and in detail, tells the tale of a biker chick left in the zombie apocolypse. Witty, funny and best of all the detail, for example she is in a looted supermarket and you can read the labels, like she is standing by adult diapers lol. Good fun.

Re: Gory Lori Bullets, Babes, and Bloodshed

Oooo you lucky gal Daph! big_smile You have fun reading it and tell us what it's like wink
You earned that hun, if there was anyone (aside from Maven of course) who deserves some fun, it's you. cool