Topic: Nightfall 2011

So hey everyone, my name is Dillon Langlands, I run Penniless Canadian Stereotypes and we just published a tabletop horror-survival game called Nightfall 2011. Let me tell you a little about it.

Nightfall is game that takes away the typical idea of becoming some epic super-hulk character that gets to save the day and be a hero by making a not-so-subtle point of saying zombies overran the world 20 years ago. Everything went to hell and the survivors have managed to get by through whatever means they could; but the game itself takes place before it all happened, 5 years before it happened to be precise.
If a GM runs the game the way we've intended, then the 5 years before everything goes to Hell isn't about trying to stop it, its about trying to survive, trying to deal with the crumbling social structure around them and trying to make sense of it all. Sure there's room for heroes, but not ones that get to stand on a mountain of undead corpses hoisting a blood stained flag and readying a shotgun, no, in the real world people like that get other people killed and either get shot by cops or arrested and left to rot in jail cells in the end.
Nightfall is supposed to test people, it’s supposed to show players an ugly truth and see if they handle it. Unlike some of the most popular trends of late, it’s a "role" playing game, not a "roll" playing game.

The publisher's blurb we ran with:

Twenty years ago every light, every electronic device, every power plant, nuclear reactor and even satellites went dead...for one hour. In one hour the world tore itself apart as something we had spent thousands of years trying to forget came for us. We ignored all warnings, we refused to believe it was true and in one hour everything that had taken generations to forget undid us and all our grand inventions.
The survivors came to call that dark hour Nightfall, the day the world ended and Hell was born. Live now, in the final five years of the reign of mankind and see if you can survive the coming dark. Weigh yourself against a world tearing itself apart and come to know if you are lacking.
Discover why we were once afraid of the dark.

I would love to have thrown up some graphics and a bunch of web links in this post to give you an idea of what the game was like, but new members can't post links until they're more active and since I just found this place, it can wait. For now though, trust me, this game is worth checking out if you want a real horror game experience; and I'm not just saying that because I wrote it, but I am at the same time. I'm an old-school horror fanatic and I am tired of someone needing to see a guy's head explode or have some family pointlessly terrorized by the family from next door to get scared. I wanted to create something wonderful and terrifying at the same time and so I made Nightfall.
If you copy the text below into your browser, it'll take you to our Lulu online print on demand store where you can pick up a copy of Nightfall, but you can also just hit the author's names above the book when it loads and it will take you to our store itself. There's a PDF preview of the book you can download and if you want the game, there's a even a character sheet and GM helper sheet download you can grab for free there as well.

I'm going to check in on this forum as much as I can to answer any question you guys might have and to see if maybe some more seasoned posters could help me out with some images and links.