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Just saw the new trailer for this movie. Cool looking new weapon in the trailer.

formulas is standard.

A prank gone wrong
and more death

I'll probably eventually see it because I love horror films. Watching and making them.

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Yep this one should be interesting cool

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I really have no interest in it other than the smoking hot Briana Evigan.  It's a formula thats been beaten to death and is the remake of an already not so good 80's slasher as it is.  Pass for me

Interesting Trivia note about the film that I found:  The movie was originally intended to be R-rated, but after the success of 2008's Prom Night remake, Summit Entertainment planned to trim it to a PG-13 rating. However, they changed their mind, and decided to keep the movie as a solid R-rated movie.

Seriously, who at Summit Entertainment thought ANYTHING about Prom Night was a success