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I just hope that they one day do a freddy, jason, leatherface and micheal myers game. Where u pick a character and do missions. I would like to see this be done in a grand theft auto style game with free roam.

I have mentioned this before on this site. Just imagine the possibilities , rockstar cud do the game and you could have wes craven and tobe hooper helping out 2 . I'm sure sum 1 else must of thought of this cos i had this idea for years. Surely game producers know that these franchises are very popular and a free roam game with these characters wud be a dream cum true.

It wud be endless fun, u cud have each character in there familiar settings. For example, leatherface's missions cud be in texas and freddy's cud be in a dream world where u can manipulate everything. Later on in the game u cud come up against the remaining 3  killers as the bosses at the end of the game or summet.   

There cud also be side missions, like kill as many ppl as possible in a time limit. Leatherface cud get his victims by setting up a hills have eyes type trap on the roads and u av to trap ppl and do what u will with them. The police wud cum knocking on the texas chainsaw families door as well and u wud av to answer the correct questions like on that game called the indigo prophecy. For example, you wud av to press buttons in time with what it says on the screen. If u fail then the polices suspicion levels go up and back up is called.

I don't know , im sure game designers cud cum up with better things. I av ideas for the other characters but it wud take 2 long. Here's just a little one, for jason, u wud av 2 do missions for ure mum ( naturally). Some of the side missions wud involve group death matches between the characters ,where if ure freddy u can smash things and collect dream power from them or summet and u can switch the present time to dream world and get sum leathal hits in there for example. There's is soooooo many things available that cud be done. GAME PRODUCERS READ THIS !!!! lol lol. Anyway, i wud like to hear other ppls ideas, we shud get a petition going lol .

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great post and great concept. Not sure how well it would truly translate as a game but would be cool to see it

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Yea I remember you mentioning this idea before.. I think it might have been when we had the comments under the news.. I love the idea and would love to see RockStar do something like this. I seriously doubt we could get all the characters into one game but a seperate game for each character would be pimp.

I would love to see a Jason or Leatherface game like that. Totally free roam with side missions and what not.. Maybe even a little twist and make it like GTA: SA.. Like you create your own character.

Unfortunatly though I doubt it will happen anytime soon. The video game industry is up their ears with politicians trying to shut them down for too much violence in games..

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I highly doubt Freddy will work in a video game.  I could easily see Jason, Michael, or Leatherface for sure.  It could turn out pretty cool.  But, like Goon, I highly doubt it will happen anytime soon.

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I think it sounds like a great idea.  A very epic game for all the killers unless you break them up into several seperate games, one for each killer or two with 2 of them.

Though IMO I don't think Rockstar is the right company, unless they do a serious overhaul of graphics.  GTA's graphics are good but are far too glitchy.  Unless they revamped them for PS3, 360, and Wii (by far the dumbest name for a console imo) I would rather hand the game to Lucas Arts or Activision. 

Mercenaries *Lucas Arts* was an excellent free roam game with plenty of side things to do and constant stumbling into skirmishes between factions.  Return to Castle Wolfenstein *Activision* is of course a classic. 

But...maybe a joint production between Rockstar, Lucas Arts, and Activision or just two of them.

I think it would be an awesome idea....a definate M rating (the most extreme rating in the USA.  AO is Adults Only but to my knowledge no game exists with that rating) with plenty of blood and gore.

And of course unlockables like getting to play as Tobe Hooper, Wes Craven, John Carpenter, Sean Cunningham would be fun.  Also...Pinhead as an unlockable character for me would be the perfect topping.

Course it would have to be sick and twisted and the fans will be lining up at the stores a week in advance waiting for the game to come out like Halo fans did.

Though I must agree with Goon and TiM that politicians are a huge problem.  They don't seem to realize that games are fake and games are fiction.  They say games and violent films will screw up the younger generations. 

And real images of innocent civilians...women and children being torn to pieces by explosives and gunfire in another land and putting them on the front page of newspapers on display and on the news isn't going to mess them up?

Polticans don't know a damn thing...they bend to the wind and are try to court the 'moral majority'.

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Well the reason I like Freddy would be because you would be able to manipulate your surroundings. It would be cool to be in like a "dreamland" where you would have some "dream powers". I think that would be a lot of fun.

I have to disagree with you though goldensimitar about Rockstar.. I love their games, especially the entire GTA series.. Mercenaries didn't have the same fluid environments that every GTA game has.. Take a look at GTA: SA for example.. no load times inbetween the environments and a great game to boot.

Besides a game like this I would more happy with the game play that Rockstar could offer rather than the gloss of the graphics. Some of the best games of all time don't have great graphics but deliver on the gameplay. Something the other studios don't have.

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I'm not saying I don't like their games it is just their engine is not that great.  GTA:SA has a nice richness to it and I love the RPG elements but then againg Mercenaries has a more dirty look to it.  GTA also has a great vastness that I think should be done for any free roam game like it. 

I love great gameplay, RtCW for example has so so graphics but great gameplay.  My biggest beef with Rockstar is that GTA's engine even on a brand new game is subject to glitches and you are seeing half textured enviorments while speeding through.  I love good gameplay but there must also be good graphics to completement.  Besides, to get all of Freddy's scars they definatly need to vamp up the engine to get the detail.

Though I completely agree with you on Freddy and changeing the 'dreamland' around you for your own devlish purposes.

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there are some really good comments on this thread. Nicely done golden. ANyone else got any thoughts on a game ?

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Well, I have been thinking for some time of an Underworld game.  A mix of game play elements from GTA:SA and from Mercenaries mainly.

Basically for next gen consoles like PS3 and 360 as they will be powerful enough to generate the sleek graphics and the recognizable bluish hue to the film.  So the look would be very stylish, with the look of the films to give UW’s (imo) unique feel.

Basically it would be a massive world like the size of GTA:SA or a little larger.  The world would have forests, roads, towns, isolated buildings etc.  The world will start out in the Medieval Era and go into Modern times.  So as the game progresses the environment around you changes, cars start coming onto the roads, weapons, radio, metro, clothes, walkie talkies etc.

The game play would let you be vampire or lycan and the game progresses from the Medieval Era to Modern Times.  There is also like in GTA:SA the time shifts from night to day so that as a vampire you must get indoors or in cover someplace before the sun comes out.  Also with the werewolves, when you first start out you will auto change into a lycan full moon and only during that time and as you get stronger and the ages go on can you change at will.

You would of course be allowed to have swords, spears, bows, flintlock pistols, muskets, then evolving into early repeaters and bolt action rifles and stuff from the turn of the century like the first machine-pistol by the Germans from WW1 and then up to the G36, M16, P99, MP5 etc of today.  Also you can work on developing silver nitrate rounds for faster kills.  As a vampire you also have your fangs and can suck blood from another coven member to regain health, or drinks some packaged, or even a lycan...or a human innocent...if you want to cause trouble.  Lycan…fangs and claws but you can use a weapon in human form and through meeting with Tanis you can buy UV rounds.

Course there are bases like the Coven house and the lycan lair.  Both with plenty of stuff to do inside like record keeping on your score, hear latest intelligence on enemy activity and places they might be, and going into training areas for tutorials and for practice to get your character more powerful.  Both you can free explore, interact with others and you can get a squad of Death Dealers or a pack of lycans together to go hunting in the forests or city looking for your enemy and after you target them you can call in for more help.

And if daylight is coming or something, you can enter various buildings like clubs, subway stations or warehouses to hide out or go hunting.  And there would be the vampire safe houses where you can go to get some blood, intel, ammo, or hide from the sun and the lycans also have a similar place, but far less advanced.

Now as your character you can play a man or a woman, lycan or vampire and like GTA:SA and the Sims customize their look from hair, skin, body, eyes, face, clothes etc to suit you.  Then of course as unlockables you could play as Selene, Michael, Marcus, or William from the film and from my own horror ideas Dracula (Lugosi) and the Wolf Man (Lon Chaney).

And maybe unlockable levels that are scenes straight from the movie like Selene vs Marcus in the castle or Michael vs William in the castle or vs Viktor or Marcus. 

Now of course there would be human innocents so if you start a gun battle in the modern day city and injure or kill one or two, if you are a vampire you will be in trouble with your leaders because the war is suppose to be secret.  Also you could possibly catch sight of the Cleaners if you hide out at the edge of a battlefield long enough.  Or if you are a vampire and bite one to drink some blood, you need to make sure you dispose of the body or kill them so no word gets out and you do it away from all of the other vampires.

Also, with humans.  The ever fun police (or the Medieval version) will course come to scenes of battle and so it would be in your best interest to do battles in seculded locations or do them quick in more urban areas.  And you will have to evade the cops as they search on foot, by car and helicopter and if something goes down in the forests and a hiker need to hid out too.

Game play, third person with an optional lock on ability.  So if you like having crosshairs and shooting you can have that or if you like using the lock on you can turn that feature on and use that.  And as like in GTA and in Mercenaries, a map/compass in the upper right of the screen.  It slowly evolves from a crude paper map to a more advanced PDA system where you can get more up to date intel about your objectives.

Also, like GTA and Mercenaries, there are the main story missions that advance time and there are the many side missions and stuff to do while you are in the certain time.

Another feature which would be interesting is that you can collect money by rifling through dead lycans who are in human form or if you destroy one of their outposts you can take their money and weapons for yourself.  Then you can set up a meeting with an arms dealer and buy yourself some custom weapons, parts or tools to make yourself a better fighter.

So, what does everyone think?  Sound like a fun idea?

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Heh sorry dude I stopped reading about half way through when I saw how long it was getting.. But I see you are starting to see my point about the GTA feel and its surroundings.. Like you said PS3 and 360 will definetly allow for a step up graphicaly which was your main concern with the GTA system..

As for Underworld I'm not that big of a fan. I thought the movie was better than alot of people made it out to be but I didn't think it was a uniquely done idea.. Vampires and werewolves fighting is nothing new.. The blue color scheme has been done in other films before.. So I really didn't think the movie brought anything new to the table.. Nice film but not revolutinary..

However I do like the video game idea you have. It would make a great game if it was given the proper treatment.

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I like the UW movies and think 'ya know...what the hell?  sounds cool and if done right could have action and some good jumps in it.  The best graphics at the top of my head would be the Call of Duty 3 engine at least...but the ones for any game....Metal Gear Solid 4. 

Yeah I kinda...well....went a wee bit over board in terms of explination.  Kinda do that with my reviews too.  smile

Okay, nuther idea.  Stay play a game with the characters based off a movie that revovles around the killer game.  You play them in the real world...then you play them playing their game characters in the game world.

*sarcasm* Boy doesn't THAT sound like fun? tongue

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That's a great idea for a game goldensimatar. After reading that I'm almost embarrassed to pitch my idea. It's not as well thought out but I've been thinking of a fighting game with all of the horror legends. They could use everyone from the Wolf Man to the Candyman. They would all have different attack moves and finishers obviously. And maybe some bonus boards like how many people or zombies you can kill inside 2 minutes. They could even make it like a Halo type game. where you have to find each other, but in a lot scarier enviroment.