Topic: Dead Frontier ( New Free Flash MMO )

Hello my Horror Friends,

     Being a collector of everything horror I do so enjoy finding new things to scream about. During one of my frequent outings on the information super highway I ran across this interesting new game.

     The game is called " Dead Frontier " and is based on the movies and books that we all adore, the zombie filled ones.

     The game is a third person aerial view shooter, but don't shoot it down yet, this one is actually addictive.

     You fight your way through a city filled with the walking dead in either single player or multi-player modes. Along the way you can search many of the abandoned buildings and dead bodies that litter the streets for better weapons and gear. Be careful however as if you get cornered by the hordes the just might kill you.

     Dying in the game simply means loosing all the cash you have on you and loosing a part of the experience that you have gained.

     The game developers have added many features such as an auction house, store, missions etc... more than enough to keep any player interested, and the programmers of the game promise new features coming soon.

     The game does have a few drawbacks that only seem to add to the atmosphere of the game. With the sound turned on you can hear the zombies coming for you even though they are not in sight, the play area is kept dark to give a more spooky feel to the game. And there seem to be places on the map that lead to nowhere... yet.

Hopefully this game will catch on and will provide hours of horrific fun for everyone.

So turn your lights down low, the sound up high and come join me in the new Dead Frontier.