Topic: Ju-on: Shiroi rôjo aka the old lady in white (2009)

I saw this movie last week  and the bad thing about this is that it only 58 min long.

i can't tell you about plot even that as a lot spolier in it it better not knowing about plot it make more creepy

it not got anything to do with Ju-on-The Grudges movies! This is brand new Grudge story, it dose have the same feel to movie just like other (As it the same house) but not great like the other two movies but still really really good, I really liked this movie it is creepy and it had some great creepy moment and one and two shocking moments too, I Can't believe it just less then hour, it was so good wanted to see again.

If you liked the other Ju-on movies, give this watch, it only 58min long 8/10