Topic: WET Demo Available Now

I know it isnt horror but we have talked about the upcoming action game WET a while ago and I thought I would mention the Demo is out now for download on xbox360 and PS3.

It's definately got a gritty feel to it, the graphics even make it out to look like a dirty grindhouse film spool with flecks and hairs and stuff.  Interesting

The game play is cool, a little weird on the controls at first but I adjusted.  Considering you can fire two guns at different targets and have 360 degree control over where you shoot I expected clunkier controls.  They seem fairly fluid once you figure out what the fuck you're doing.  lol.   Its definately got a Tomb Raider meets Prince of Persia/Mirrors Edge meets Kill Bill meets Matrix type feel to it

Incase you have no idea what WET is, here's the trailer again: