Topic: Saw "Halloween II" and "Final Destination" this weekend.

I was surprised the numbers TFD took in. I would've thought "Halloween II" would've been first. And I think it's sad that "Halloween III" is being made. Zombie is not directing (which is perhaps a good thing), but it's going to be in 3D. Why? The gimmick is being overused. Oh, the movies themselves sucked. I like going to the movies just to go, so I enjoyed watching them, but if you want quality horror, watch Carpenter's "Halloween" and the first FD. I just posted my reviews of H2 and TFD. I gave them both 4 skulls.

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I dont know if the "gimmick" of 3D is being over used....ok we've had TFD and MBV in 3D, and Piranha coming is that over used.  Other than animated kids movies, you can count the number or recent horror films in 3D on less than one hand.

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3D is a gimmick just the same in kids movies as it is in horror. Does it really add anything? Not really, IMO.

Now, having seen both FD and H2 this weekend I have to say that neither were great. Or good for that matter. They were just kind of 'eh.' FD was fun, don't get me wrong, but it was a terrible film with wooden characters and the worst dialogue I've heard in horror in a long time.

I really disliked the direction RZ too Laurie in H2. Yeah, I get it, Michael killed her parents and she's in a dark place,,,I understand. But does she really have to be such white trash?? That really took away from the film for me. And the fact that RZ's wife MUST have a role in every one of his movies is a little...well, stupid. OK I get the first scene at the mental hospital but does she really have to be there the rest of the movie?? No...

All I have to say is, at least I work at the theater and get free tickets. I seriously would rather have MM brutally slay me than pay $12 for a ticket to TFD....

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You wondering why a character in a Rob Zombie movie is all white-trashy? Odd...

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Rob Zombie's wife was in Halloween 2 for the psychology of Myers, as annoying as she was in the damn thing, she was there for a reason, even if it was a reason that didn't need to be shown in the first place.

I think she is in all his movies because its easier to put her in the movies then for him to fight with her about it, lol.

NOW.........I'll tell the most soundly, profoundly, and utterly dumbest thing in H2: the little Myers showing up with the ghost of Sherri Moon, that was beyond the word, dumb! I love Rob's movies, but with this one, I don't like his rouse of trying to make having the little Mike runnng around, holding the hands of the big Mike and his shadowy mommy seem plausible in a slasher flick! I don't like that one bit.

That is just too much insane attempts at psychology for one horror movie thank you!

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