Topic: The Calling Video Game Debut Trailer

Over the weekend the Penny Arcade Expo was happening in Seattle. During the video game convention a trailer for the upcoming horror survival game The Calling made its U.S. debut. The game is coming out for the Wii only and by watching the trailer it ...

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Re: The Calling Video Game Debut Trailer

The game seems interesting. Only if I could afford a Wii..

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I have tried, I have really tried, but years of gaming on my 360 and PS3 have made gaming on my Wii on a HDTV almost unbearable.
I recently bought the Resident Evil: Archieves update/upgrade and it was unplayable... you couldn't even fit the image to your screen from your tv... and it was blurry as shit, the Gamecube version looked better.

Then there is these stupid "onrails" shooters they keep throwing at us... I buy them all in hope of a pleasent surprise... I'm still waiting.
Cursed Mountatin was decent, but RE4Wii a Gamecube remake is the best hands down horror game on the Wii, and it's not  even an original Wii title..
So now I expect nothing, nothing at all. I hope I can get through this one.