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Playing at the Toronto Film Fest (TIFF), which I won't be attending (fuck!) but like to follow on-line. ..

Here's a cool interview with the writer/director. … 9_HP_story

Sounds fun.

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cannot wait to catch that bad bwoy blast down the screen into darkness


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this one sounds great....

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I just saw this (thanks Queen).  Wow.  This was amazing.  I know many here have seen this already, and love it.  Just gotta echo that.  Very disturbing.  The gore didn't bother me much, the idea of this happening did.  I hate those two!

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I really like this film, i've seen it a few times now.

Lola is one crazy chick that's for sure!

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ha ha yes this movie is great because it really makes you hate them so much. I swear I can't watch it without raging and wanting to kill Lola lol.

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I watched it over the summer and I agree with pretty well everything said above, although the gore wasn't so disturbing, he situation itself is and yes Lola is one bitch that needs to be put down lol. It was entertaining all the way through, I enjoyed it as well.

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Ok, yes, you all totally get what I mean.  I hate her.  I've actually been thinking about this movie quite a bit since I saw it.

* Spoiler * That boiling the brain idea really bothers and disgusts me.

One thing I didn't expect, which added a lot more to the movie for me, was the main dude (bad with names) being a nice guy.  Guess I just expected from reading about the movie that he was a prick, in which case I might not have cared as much what happened.  That seems more common.  It did the opposite and made him a great guy.

The more I think about this movie, the better I think it is.  Once it sinks in it may be one of my favorites.

Just rambling here.