Topic: Selling most of my horror collection

I'm selling a bunch of horror dvds to help escape Florida: … T&rd=1

The laserdiscs come next. 

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Re: Selling most of my horror collection

Brian, nice collection. I hate that you are having to sell it. If I may offer a couple of suggestions about your auctions though.

In the horror play up the Sleepaway camp boxset. The one you own was recalled early in its release due to right's issues with The American Redcross. It was later rereleased, but your version usually pulls in about 30 to 40$ alone.

For the drama/sci-fi auction:
Playup the the Series 7 dvd, that is also very hard to find and usually sells for 15 to 20$ alone.

For more bang for you buck you probably should have sold these seperatly, but you can still probably bring in a few extra bucks if you can get people to notice they are included.

Good Luck.

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Re: Selling most of my horror collection

Holy crap man thats a lot.

I gotta agree with Greg, you should have sold them seperatly or in twos and threes.  As there are a few flicks I wouldn't mind having.  But sadly I have not cash.

But...Good luck

Re: Selling most of my horror collection

That is something I will look into.  I myself need to get more horror up in my shelf.  I am truly sorry that you have to sell them though and if you change your mind no damage done.

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Re: Selling most of my horror collection

Thats the first thing I thought of to, was to sell individually. You would most likely get more money that way.

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Real nice collection. Its a shame to see you part with them. I hope you get enough for them.

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I had no idea about the Sleepaway Camp recall or that anyone cared for Series 7.  The only reason that I'm listing so much together is that I recently did the same with my CD collection and was bombarded with inane questions.  I was trying to keep that and the treks to the post office to a minimum. 

That's some really helpful info, though, thanks!  I added the Sleepaway Camp info to the auction...and I gave credit where credit is due wink

Re: Selling most of my horror collection

Great collection, Brian. I would love to buy them but I'm damn broke. sad

All the best to you. wink

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