Topic: Region 4 DVD store

hello fellow romantic comedy lovers...

where the fxk is the best fxkn place to piss in someones mouth and buy Region 4 DVD horror movies?

For stupid Australian tards...


ezy dvd sux

i hate fxkn waiting for orders.. fxk that..

is there some decent place in Australia where you dont have to wait a fxkn month for a fxkn movie in region fxkn 4?

Re: Region 4 DVD store

download them online tongue

Re: Region 4 DVD store

Pick up an Oppo region free player or a Philips.

Re: Region 4 DVD store

mang.... buying extra dvd players is silly....

and i already download everything... if i like it and its worth buying... then ill buy it and add to collection.

PS3... is that region free or is it locked down to areas

Re: Region 4 DVD store

Nope, PS3 is not region free.

Re: Region 4 DVD store

any l337 hax0rz know how to h4x0rz the region??

Re: Region 4 DVD store

Who ever made up regions for dvds was a tard!

Re: Region 4 DVD store

^^^ Agreed. I have many movies I would love, not available in my region and if not for a friend giving me a region 1 dvd player would be completely unaccessible. It's ridiculous.