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Does anyone remeber this fantastic game back in the day when I enjoyed watching power rangers in the morning, going school then coming back home and blasting on my sega for hours on end. From what i remeber splatterhouse was a horror game where you went round smashing the shit out of people and things and sort of blood and guts splatterd all over the walls? If anyone remebers what did they think?

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I remember this pretty well smile
Actually, I remember the sequel more, with the hockey mask, chainsaw wielding madman, sort of like Final Fight with Lucio Fulci's direction.

The MegaDrive had top horror games, I remember this game specifically getting a good mention in a load of magazines for "the detail and placement of crimson pixels", which was high praise I believe wink

Gonna have to hunt for this now, thanks for bringing it up and using the term MegaDrive, that alone makes my day.

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Sweeeet Linkkkk smile

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I'm downloading it right now for the old emulator, I've got a broken cart of it so I suppose it is legal. Strangely enough, that was the game which always inspired the name as "Rick" as a running joke through many of my stories (Rick always seems to be a supporting character).

Superb link too mon, now to try to get past the first few levels.

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I remember the game.. I think I rented it.. Fun game although I always thought of it as a rip off of Jason.