Topic: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

While I'm happy that my favorite game is finally being made into a remake, I'm disappointed with how many liberties are being taken with the plot and characters. If they make it work, I'll be satisified, but if they've just made Dahlia into a teenager for some T&A, I'll be severely annoyed.

The concept they're taking with combat is unique, though, in the sense that they're basically taking combat away. It's a lot more realistic than expecting a writer to be a marksman.

Also, the psych test at the beginning of the game sounds good. The games have already scared the hell out of me without needing the test, so this will either make it scarier or just make me laugh.

Opinions on the remake?

Re: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Just heard about this not too long ago.  I'm getting a wii soon and I heard they are doing a remake of the second Resident Evil game too.  I like the idea of using the nunchuck as a flashlight.  I'll read some more about it and get back to you.