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Hey folks, just going to give you a quick summary and pros/cons list of what is now one of my favorite zombie novels: "Dead Sea" by Brian Keene.

Summary: The world that the novel starts in is almost completely overrun by zombies.  The protagonist (Lamar) meets up with other survivors who eventually escape onto a large, old fishing vessel (at least I think it was a fishing vessel) called "The Spratling".  It chronicles the journey of the survivors on the boat.

     First off, I was aching for a horror novel based at sea, so this fit the bill perfectly.  Then, it was also a zombie novel, which made it that much better.  The adventure is pretty much perfectly paced, with the action intense and preventing you from putting down the book.  The main characters are strong and multi-dimensional.

     However, if there's one issue I have with the book it's that Keene didn't do the best job of creating tension between the characters on the boat. Excluding the four main characters almost all of the other characters were pretty flat.  It just seems to me being stuck on a boat in the ocean with a bunch of strangers in the midst of an apocalypse there would be more tension between the characters themselves.

     Despite all of this, the novel is extremely entertaining and a satisfying read.  If you're looking for a twist on your typical zombie tale then "Dead Sea" by Brian Keene is an excellent choice.

Pros: Great pace, strong main characters, exciting and suspenseful
Cons: Things could have been a bit more interesting on the boat itself.
Overall rating: 9 / 10

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Brian Keene is my fave author!!! Welcome to the forum Chris!!
Please give us reviews on other Horror novels you read, I am always on the lookout for intense lit.

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Welcome to HM Chris, home of the absurb, abode of the creepy and the beautiful dungeon of torture. wink

Loved the review and really need to get my ass in gear and get a Brian Keene novel to see what he is like. More reviews like this make me realise I am missing out.

Awesome way to announce your presence on the board! Hope you enjoy it here cool

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Thanks Chris going to hunt this one out thanks again for the tipand welcome

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im trying to remeber a novel that i read years ago would appreciate some help.It runs along the lines of movies like Cave and the Descent.As underground mutant/evolved spieces but there are like millions of them.Once discovered the military takes control and there are some great battles as the novel goes on chapters are written from the mutants pov.Iknow this is a bit vague but it was years ago and i would like to revisit this novel at the time i thought what a great story for a movie can anybody help?

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

Yeah, I really enjoyed Dead Sea, but I'm a little biased.  I was aching for a zombie novel and simultaneously aching for a novel based at sea so it really hit the spot.

It was pretty amazing though, it's very rare that I want to read a novel again right after I finish it, but that's how I've been feeling lately.

Thanks again guys, good to be with you!

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I really love Brian Keene so I'll have to find this one