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This is actually a pretty damn cool Pete Walker film from 1978 and the killer wears a wicked mask like the witches mask in the 80's slasher film Curtains.

I bought this on dvd earlier this year and really did enjoy this film. It's a slasher style film and stars Jack Jones(who sung the theme to the tv show the Love Boat lol) and has the lead actor from the 70's tv show Charlie's Angels in it.

I think the film only has like 5 kills in it but it's still a cool flick.


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Yeah I dug this flick as well -
big Pete Walker fan as a matter of fact.
Frightmare & House Of Whipcord being my favorites of his, but all his films are of interest IMO

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Had heard of this. But I never really got the chance to see it. It's difficult to find such films around here..

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Sounds pretty good, I'll check it out.