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Hey all...
Have some DVD's for trade... smile
Here ya go...

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake) 2 disc - signed by Andrew Brianarski at Festival of Fear 2004
Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan (Region 3 NTSC) Thai release
Puppet Master 2 (Region 2 PAL)
Class of 1999 (Region 4 PAL)
Return of the Living Dead 3 - UNCUT (Region 2 PAL)
Braindead Uncut (Region 2 PAL)
Killing Zoe 3 disc (Region 2 PAL)
Oily Maniac (slipcover) Region 3 NTSC
Switchblade Romance (aka High Tension) Region 2 PAL
The Descent 2 disc (Region 2 PAL)
Mr Vampire (region 3 NTSC) broken case at the bottom
The Triple Cross (Fukasaku - Region 3 NTSC)
Alligator (Region 0 PAL)
Irreversible (Region 2 PAL)
Juon - 2 disc with slipcover (Region 3 NTSC)
Oldboy OOP 2 DISC (Region 3 NTSC)
Sympathy For Lady Vengeance 2 disc / black and white version disc 2 OOP (Region 3 NTSC)
Tenebre/Deep Red argento collection from Anchor Bay (missing inserts... ratty case...)


The Fly 2 disc SE
Zombi 3
Female Prisoner 701 collection 3 disc
Deep Red (BU release)
Alice Sweet Alice
send me your lists...


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Re: BloodMan's Trade List

Welcome to the site.

On your Morgespace (you can access via the link under the Email/PM links under your name on the forum) there is also a section where you can list the DVDs you wish to trade.

Re: BloodMan's Trade List

Damn, I am still looking for these films on dvd or vhs:

The keep
To all a goodnight
Houseboat Horror
Death Ship

oh well, welcome aboard!