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I wanted to create a place to share some stories or imaginary sequels.

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October, 1800.
It’s cold and dark everyday outside.
There’s no more kid’s laughing and no more joy in this little Suburb of less 200 citizens. Nobody wants to get out when the sun goes down and nobody wants to get in that town. The woods behind us are strictly prohibit since Jeremiah and John went play and never came back.
At night, you can hear some growling from the woods and sometimes from
here. 4 years ago, some men wanted to cross that wood to find a road on the other side for foods and supplies but they never came back; only one survived with
Minor injuries (our Grand-father);
His name was Montgomery Fitzgerald SR.
“Was��  cause he killed himself, how? He said that a flower have a magic power.
He came back changed, he became violent 
And he killed my grandmother; he eaten her, alive.
His body changed too.
Now, people knows what’s in those woods;
Lycanthrope; half -men, half -wolves.
Things from our dreams and freak stories that killed without mercy and came without warning.  Our mothers told us when we were bad and wrong.�� Go sleep honey or the bad wolves will eat you…ALIVE . If you have nightmares, just think about purple flowers and they ‘ll be gone�� .
Maybe it’s cause we were kids, but few of us didn’t believe in those stories.
Our parents did because they saw and heard them.
But kids don’t because they were too young to understand what was going on around this town. For a 16 year old boy, I knew they exist and I knew they will come soon. A lice, my ex (close) friend, though I was crazy. I always knew things before everyone else just like my father who died drowned in the lake. They will come and find us again.
November 30
The sun was going down like every other nights. But maybe more red than usually. Maybe cause it was the full moon and the intense wind. Something was coming for us …
That night, for the first time of my life, we really heard them. I never been so scared about a sound that you know what is it but cannot know where it is. A powerful growling that give you goosebumps.
You can heard the bell from the Church for the first time in 4 years. It mean that someone saw them and he let us know that they are near and they come in our direction. We didn’t know what to do else than pray. I still remember mother in tears, crying and screaming. She fell on the ground with me in her arms.
I went outside (I was supposed to be in bed locked up) and everybody close doors and windows. I was alone with that damn cold wind on my face.
I was able to see the dark wood just in front of me, down the road and I didn’t know why but my legs were stuck on the ground, I couldn’t move. The sound that those things made was louder than ever. After an hour outside I finely heard what all of us feared the most; scream of men little bit further in the village.
There were here...
After 4 years of “peace and fear��  they finely come back for us.
As a young adult the only thing a had in mind was to hide somewhere and never get back.
“If they are here, the wood is safe to be cross��  .The madness thing I’ve ever think.
I finely crossed that dark and horrible wood,
So I leaved everything behind, relatives and my pregnant ex-friend and i started running in the woods to find the other road and village. It was so dark but the light of the full moon helped me to cross the trees. Every step I make was a scream and shot gun that I heard from the town. I was completely lost, scared and alone. I would loved to have someone who followed me; But the only one I can count on it’s me and that sharp stick that I was holding.
The sound of the wind was killing me; I could hardly breathe because I wanted to hear if something followed me.
I didn’t feel great and I was tired. I started to see things that doesn’t exist; a saw a knife, a weird necklace with crow skull and that damn flower that grow everywhere but I don’t already seen it.

Around 5 hours later…
I woke up in a little Indian village in the wood. Everyone was deadly killed except me.
I saw from my own eyes some dead bodies around me. I couldn’t take this so I puked on the bloody snowing ground.
In one second I saw 4 things that makes me feel completely mad again; that purple flower, blood, necklace from my dream and blood, again.
So I took that necklace on the ground (why? I still don’t know) and that purple flower.
I took a look around me and I saw in front of that little fire what they were talking about; that dead animal on the snowing ground. He was like 6 meters long with huge teeth in his mouth. It was dead for a long time cause the sense was horrible close him. It had knifes in his ribs
and eyes. He also had that necklace around his neck.
That purple flower was everywhere around me and on this thing. So maybe it’s true that it kills werewolves, “but how the hell I could protect myself with this little flower against those huge things�� .
My health was not getting better cause everything around me looked black and gray and the insupportable silence around this dead place was surreal.
I was hungry and I thought to get back but the scream and fire shots I heard last night forced me to continue and pray to not be found. I was more scared to get back than stay in this wood that looked dead, bloody and empty.
Hour later…
I finally leave this base-camp with the necklace and few flowers in my pocket.
I pried for those dead person and women to help me.
I took some Indian clothes cause it was pretty cold there.
Just few minutes after leaving, I saw one of them in the darkness.
The way he moved and breath was not animal or human, but evil. He walked around me and I know that he smelled me.
I never ran so fast in my boring life. I was just thinking of waking up from this nightmare that ruined my life in few hours. After few minutes of run, my foot took a damn animal trap. It was so painful that I forgot why I was running for until I knew that what smelled me was not alone. One of them was just behind me, could felt him near me .I don’t know why but I hold my necklace in my hand and I screamed something like:��  I will not die in this wood!��
He Jumped on me and hit me in the back
and legs.
I got out from that trap but my foot was not too bad and it was not broke so I was able to hit that thing with my wood stick.
He let me ran till a saw some smokes on the sky just like a chimney.
I was in bad condition but with success,
I entire that village with the growling near me, the blood I let on the ground didn’t helped me to hide or lose them.
I was so screaming and crying that they finely open the gate to let me in.
They talked to me about where and how I get those marks and scars on me.
I was not dead but I slept for 2 days before they woke me up.
They brang me foods and new clothes cause they said that I couldn’t stay there.
I stayed there for 1day, in a little room with someone behind the door. They knew that I’ve been bite by those things and I was a danger for them. They gave me some of the purple flower in my blood cause it was the only possibility to stop the “curse�� , that’s how they called it.
They also told me that this flower’s name was Aconitum Uncinatum; a medicinal plant. It is anodyne (pain-reliever), diuretic (induces urination). Indian used it for poisoning spears and arrows. But for me it was just a damn WolfesBane.
They also told me that the infection I had was too important and the chance that my body gets well was not huge.
I had to wait for tomorrow morning to see if I was getting better or they said that they would have to kill me before I kill them.
I had to leave tonight cause I was not getting better at all and those injuries I had was gone in one night. Now, it was just scars.
My eyes were completely dry and very painful. I remember looking in a glass and seen some red in them. I knew that something was really wrong with me.
I waited for the shut down and I leaved this place before never wake up the next morning.
Last night, I saw a road beside the camp.
For the first time in few months, i was not cold anymore.
Nobody saw me get out of that place. I did not hear any growling from the woods.
I took my necklace and leaved. I was not scared to be found anymore.
I walked for an hour in this road and I saw a deer dead on the ground. He’s body was ripped off by something.
In 1 second, I had the worst feeling ever; the taste of blood was after me. I wanted to taste this thing and ripped is body again for blood and guts, I needed to eat this fresh meal.
But the blood in took from him make me sick and I freaked out to see what I was doing to this poor deer. It was not me!!
I was something else.
I knew that I became one of those goddamn force of nature.
I knew that having vision was not a good sign but after that moment of blood I had one…
A saw 2 young woman. The first one opened her hand with a knife and eated a dog. The second one was killing an Indian guy with that same knife. I don’t know who they are and I will probably never know but I had this vision for a full hour and every time, it was harder and painful. The sun was going down and I knew how it was to walk in darkness with evils around who got an eye on you.
I knew that they were close to me, I felt it. I was able to know where they were.
I saw the moon in the dark and cloudy sky.
I had another vision of those women and this time, I heard there voices ;
-Please, stay with me!
-Don’t leave me.
-I’m cold
-I’m not.
I saw those creatures and one of them bitted one of the 2 women.
After, I felt on the ground but this time I was awake and I felt the pain everywhere in my body. It was like burning alive. I heard my bones moving and my teeth growing.
My breath was accelerated and I was scared to have a heart attacked right there.
I felt the pain for 20 long minutes before being able to move and get up from the ground.
I piss some bloods because the pression I had in me was uncontrollable. I cut myself with my teeth and put some of the aconite but It was too late (I knew it), the curse was inside me.
It felt SO good inside to be a goddamn force of nature.
I was not the little boy who was scared of everything, I was not myself anymore.
I thing that’s why I turn back to get home cause I don’t wanted to be found or killed by someone.
All the way back home, some of those things followed me.   
It was like if they were protected me or looking at me. I had the extreme power on anything.
The mess I was entered that village where I was born by those stupid and innocent human who gave me life.
I went home and I heard my new friends played with the dead through the window.
I also saw mother dead on my bed were she used to kiss me at night and told me that the wolves were BAD…
-“Shame on you mother!!!��
-“Now I am them��
- And we’ll be together forever.
I ripped her throat with my hands. It felt so good to have blood on me. A blood that was not mine.
She was not my mom anymore but just a damn meal for me and my friends.
I saw my nails growing up just in front of my red eyes and my skin became leather.
I went outside and I saw around 50 of those creatures running and eating everything that was still warmed. I didn’t believe it.
Just beside the house, I saw one of those boys who throwed me some rocks when I went home at night.
He was dead and he was missing an arm.
Not enough for me, I took my necklace and just before hitting his eye, I saw just one second through the window the shadow of those Women from my visions; a red and a black. They scared the shit out of me
With one hands, I took of his fragile head and I throwed it through the window.
“Who the hell you are and what you want from me��
Maybe they don’t even exist or not yet.
Something human stayed in me and I realized what I was doing and who I become.
The shadow of those girls makes me realized what I just do to this corpse.
That’s why I’m writing this, I can’t stay like that forever. Before losing my mind and make some growling like them;
I can’t stay alive.
Thanks if you took the time to read it and sorry if there's some mistakes. It was late and i think i was drunk!

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Re: Fan Fiction

This story was wrote on a winter Canadian night in 1830. My grand father used to read me this story cause he knows i was the biggest Lycan admirator. I kept the original names and events that happened.
The plague was raging in Canada, and werewolves  roamed the night looking for clean victims to fulfill their blood-lust. It was in this time that people were fleeing their homes in the towns to avoid the plague. Most took refuge in the West Canadian Forests, while others in the Transylvanian Alps. It was in this time and these dark and foreboding mountains that a grizzly event took place...

Montgomery Fitzgerald and his family had fled their home into the forests as the plague took a firm grip of their town (they were the last to escape, and some would say later that it was unfortunate that they did). Fitz, his wife Ann, his two sons Jason and Sam, and his daughter Ginger had set up a comfortable home in the forested hills that surrounded the mountains. One day Fitz and his two sons (Jason 14 and Sam 16) were cutting and gathering wood for the fire as it was almost Winter and they'd need a large stock-pile to get through the freezing conditions. Josh had wondered off from his father and was getting closer and closer to the steep incline of the mountains rough surface. He was about to return to his father when he heard the whimpering of what sounded like pups. He moved towards the sound, until he came upon a den in a small clearing. There in the mouth of the den were two beautiful pups, one of which looked strangely human. Jason came close to the pups and picked one of them up. After a while of petting the wolf-pup he put it back on the ground and left the area to find his father and brother.

Not long after the young boy had left, the she-wolf returned to her den to find one of her pups covered in the smell of humans. The father of the pups was a lycanthrope who preferred to stay in wolf form, and he was livid...The lycanthrope had no choice but to kill his pup that had been handled by a human. After he did the deed, the werewolf went looking for the human perpetrator...It wasn't long before he found the trail and followed it to a small hut on the hills in the forest.

It was getting quite late when the family decided to turn in for the night. Jason laid down and his mother doused the lights. In the early hours of the morning came a "howling " that pierced the night. Jason awoke with a start. He looked around the room he shared with his older brother. The moon outside was full so a stream of silver light poured in through the window above his bed, he could see the shadow of a small tree just outside his window against the far wall...But the shadow of the tree changed, in a second, into the shadow of a wolf standing on its hind legs. Except this wolf was huge...Bigger than any man Jason had ever seen.

" Sam!!!!" Jason whispered, "Wake up!!!"

Sam stirred under his bed covers then opened his eyes... There at the window, silhouetted by the full moon was a wolf-man...Its eyes burned red and glowed. Sam sat up in his bed...As he did the creature dived through the window frame and landed on Thengals bed. The werewolf tore at Sam chest and neck, ripping out vital organs and his wind-pipe as he did so. By the time the wolf-creature was through the sixteen year old boys body lay in tatters on the bed. The wolf turned to Jason, but as it did the door to the room (a long piece of material) was thrown open and Fitz and Ann bounded into the room. The werewolf flung its huge body out the window once more. Ann ran to her dead sons bed and screamed her sorrow, while Fitz grabbed his pitch-fork (which he kept at the huts door) and ran out the door... As Fitz left the hut a massive claw knocked him into their winter stock-pile of wood, knocking him unconscious. Moments later he awoke to find the wolf towering over him. The werewolf bent down and let the nail of its index finger to touch Fitz's Adams-apple. Then, with one quick flinch of its finger, the wolf-thing sliced along his neck, making him choke on his own blood...Now the wolf-man entered the house once more, this time through the door...

Ann's sobs could be heard as the werewolf moved silently through the house to Ginger's room. The twelve year old girl was sound asleep in her bed as the wolfs shadow moved over her body. Ginger awoke and looked at the creature...She gave a scream as its jaws closed in on her face and slammed shut, in one swift movement, on her face...The wolf-creature stood and spat blood and pieces of flesh and bone onto the dirt floor. Ann ran into the room to find her daughters faceless body laying dead on the floor (where she had ended up), and the beast that did it standing there looking at her. Horror and fear shot through her distraught body. She ran back to her son's room and grabbed Jason. They were about to flee the hut, when the wolf-creature stood in the door-way. Ann pulled her last remaining child to her breast. Josh closed his eyes and prayed...All remained silent, so he looked up at his mother's face...But her head was gone...Her body fell to the ground with a thud...

Josh looked about his room... Death was everywhere...But there was no wolf-thing...He stumbled through the house and out the door to exit the hut... There he found his dead father...Shocked and frightened, Josh stumbled into the forest, his breath making plumes in the air...


The next Summer a group of woodsmen found the rotting corpses in the hut. They new that the family had consisted of two son's so they searched the area, but found no trace...For years the rumor circulated that the young boy, Josh, had gone crazy due to the isolation the family endured and had killed them all...Until over ten years later a group of children playing in the forest found the decayed body of a young boy...The authorities found a necklace around the boys neck, this made identification of the body easier as the necklace was very distinctive...They found that the body was of Josh, the missing child of the massacred family.

This story was reportedly told to an old Canadian who swore he was told by the thing that did these horrible crimes. Apparently after he was told the story, the old man was attacked by the man, who "changed" into a wolf-like creature...The thing was frightened off, before it could inflict any injury bar a bump on the head, by a group of hunters who'd heard a commotion behind the pub.

This is a real story that my grand father told me when i was 10. Always kept it in mind...

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Der Werwolv das Bien (1816/1818)
A soldier related the following story, which is said to have happened to his grandfather. The latter, the grandfather, had gone into the forest to cut wood with a kinsman and a third man. People suspected that there was something not quite right about this third man, although no one could say exactly what it was.

The three finished their work and were tired, whereupon the third man suggested that they sleep a little. And that is what they did. They all laid down on the ground, but the grandfather only pretended to sleep, keeping his eyes open a crack. The third man looked around to see if the others were asleep, and when he believed this to be so, he took off his belt (or, as others tell the story, put on a belt) and turned into a wolf.

However, such a werewolf does not look exactly like a natural wolf, but somewhat different.

Then he ran to a nearby meadow where a young foal was grazing, attacked it, and ate it, including skin and hair. Afterward he returned, put his belt back on (or took it off), and laid down, as before, in human form.

A little later they all got up together and made their way toward home. Just as they reached the town gate, the third man complained that he had a stomachache. The grandfather secretly whispered in his ear: "That I can well believe, for someone who has a horse, complete with skin and hair, in his belly."

The third man replied: "If you had said that to me in the forest, you would not be saying it to me now."

A woman had taken on the form of a werewolf and had attacked the herd of a shepherd, whom she hated, causing great damage. However, the shepherd wounded the wolf in the hip with an ax blow, and it crawled into the brush. The shepherd followed, thinking that he could finish it off, but there he found a woman using a piece of cloth torn from her dress to stop the blood gushing from a wound.

At Lüttich in the year 1610 two sorcerers were executed because they had turned themselves into werewolves and had killed many children. With them they had a boy of twelve years whom the devil turned into a raven whenever they were tearing apart and eating their prey.

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Edmonton, 1898
By using a so-called wolf strap, any person could transform himself into a werewolf. Whoever fastened such a strap around himself would turn into a wolf. If someone called out the name of a person who had turned himself into a wolf, that person would regain his human form.

In earlier times there were a great many such straps, but today, along with the wolves, they seem to have been banned to the fort.

A wolf strap was a gift from the devil. A person who possessed such a strap could not get rid of it, however much he wanted to. Anyone who accepted a wolf strap also had entered into brotherhood with the devil, surrendering body and soul to him.

If real wolves were feared in earlier times, werewolves were feared all the more. A real wolf could be shot dead or lured into a so-called wolf pit, where it would perish from hunger. However, a werewolf could not be brought down with a rifle bullet, nor would it ever fall into a wolf pit. But if you got the "blue flower"...

The reader will perhaps ask, "What is the use of running around as a werewolf?"

This was not done for no good reason. When the pantries and meat containers were empty, one would only have to fasten on the wolf strap, run off as a wolf, seek out a fat sheep that was wandering off toward the edge of the woods, creep towards it, seize it, and drag it into the woods. In the evening one could bring it home without anyone noticing. Or the werewolf would know when a peasant was going through the woods with a lot of money. He would ambush him, rob him, then run off across the field with the booty.

In earlier times, after the horses had been unhitched from a wagon or a plow, they would be driven out to a community pasture where they would be watched until morning by two herdsmen. Even colts were put out for the night. People took turns watching after them.

Now once it happened that one of the two herdsmen had a wolf strap. After both herdsmen had kept watch for several hours they got sleepy and laid their heads down. The first one, however, who had heard that his companion possessed a wolf strap, only pretended to be asleep, and the other one thought that he was indeed sleeping. He quickly fastened the strap around himself and ran off as a wolf. The other one got up and saw how his companion ran up to a colt, attacked it, and devoured it.

After this had happened, the wolf man came back and lay down to sleep. Toward morning they both awoke. The werewolf man was rolling around on the ground and groaning loudly. The other one asked him what was wrong.

He said that he had a horrible stomach ache.

To this the first one said, "The devil himself would have a stomach ache if he had eaten an entire colt at one time."

The werewolf asked him to say nothing about what had happened. He kept silent about it for a long time, but later he did tell me about it, and now I too feel free to tell about it, because both men have been dead for a long time.

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Adalbert Kuhn
There were formerly werewolves. One could transform oneself into a werewolf by putting on a belt. A servant understood how to do this, and while the others were asleep at noontime he ate an entire foal. One of the men just pretended to be asleep and observed everything. From Glane near Iburg.

If you throw a piece of iron or steel over a hare that is a transformed human, or over a werewolf, then the human will immediately appear before you completely naked. They call that "making blank" the witch, the wolf, and so forth. The werewolf's pelt bursts crosswise at its forehead, and the naked human emerges from this opening.

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The SHE wolf

There was an enchanted mill, so that no one could stay there, because a she-wolf always haunted it. A soldier went once into the mill to sleep. He made a fire in the parlor, went up into the garret above, bored a hole with an auger in the floor, and peeped down into the parlor.

A she-wolf came in and looked about the mill to see whether she could find anything to eat. She found nothing, and then went to the fire, and said, "Skin down! Skin down! Skin down!" She raised herself upon her hind-legs, and her skin fell down. She took the skin, and hung it on a peg, and out of the wolf came a damsel. The damsel went to the fire, and fell asleep there.

He came down from the garret, took the skin, nailed it fast to the mill-wheel, then came into the mill, shouted over her, and said, "Good morning, damsel! How do you do?

She began to scream, "Skin on me! Skin on me! Skin on me!" But the skin could not come down, for it was fast nailed.

The pair married and had two children.

As soon as the elder son got to know that his mother was a wolf, he said to her, "Mamma! Mamma! I have heard that you are a wolf."

His mother replied, "What nonsense are you talking! How can you say that I am a wolf?"

The father of the two children went one day into the field to plow, and his son said, "Papa, let me, too, go with you."

His father said, "Come."

When they had come to the field, the son asked his father, "Papa, is it true that our mother is a wolf?"

The father said, "It is."

The son inquired, "And where is her skin?"

His father said, "There it is, on the mill-wheel."

No sooner had the son got home, than he said at once to his mother, "Mamma! Mamma! You are a wolf! I know where your skin is."

His mother asked him, "Where is my skin?"

He said, "There, on the mill-wheel."

His mother said to him, "Thank you, sonny, for rescuing me." Then she went away, and was never heard of more.

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I guess i'm the only one here roll yikes lol

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Well fan fiction usually means using characters already exsisting that you like and writing a story you'd like to see played out by them dude.

Well I read you're first one and honestly, didn't care for it too much because it was pretty disjointed, probably because you were drunk lol.

Your She Wolf one sounds like a grim fairytale big_smile. Cool.

I only write sexual fan fic tongue, involving characters I'm not allowed to used and can't post any because Anne Rice will have my head lol.

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As i said, i was drunk lol

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D@vid wrote:

As i said, i was drunk lol

Lol well good effort anyway! cool