Topic: Boneshaker by Cherie Priest

While not a 100% pure horror novel, from what I have read of Boneshaker by Cherie Preist so far some of you may enjoy it.  It's kind of steampunk/sci-fi/horror adventure novel taking place in Civil War era Seattle.  Seattle has been walled off after a deadly mining accident caused the town to collapse and a toxic gas to be released causing the dead to come alive (they call them Rotters instead of Zombies).  15 years later a boy named Zeke heads into the walled off town to clear his father and grandfathers names (for acts involved with the destruction of Seattle) and his mother goes in after him. 

It's got a lot that I think people here may enjoy: pirates, zombies, airships, steampunk adventure, some light humor, interesting characters.....etc etc. 

One of the quotes got it right by saying "If Wild Wild West has been written by Mark Twain with the help of Jules Verne and Bram Stoker, it still couldnt be as fantastic as Boneshaker." 

Cant wait to finish this one as I am hooked.