Topic: Old asian horror film. Still looking for it after a decade.

I'm looking for a very obscure film that traumatized me for life.  I believe I saw it when I was about  7 or 8 years old.  It was during the 80's.  If anybody can offer some help then that'd be great.. I remember a couple of scenes that I'll see if I can illustrate for anybody that might be able to catch it.   I have to know how scary this film actually is now.  Any time I hear a ticking clock I think about this movie and it starts to freak me out when I'm alone.  yikes

scene 1:  There's a woman hiding in a car during the evening, possibly running from something.  Soon she notices a hand slowly crawling up the hood of her car, very similar to "thing" from the adam's family.  It proceeds to crawl up to the windshield as she slowly watches in fear, then it starts to bash the window in and when it broke through; it starts to strangle her. She passes out I think.  This scene might be a prelude to scene 2, not sure.

scene 2: she ends up in the hospital in a room by herself, still knocked out.  I remember a part where the camera is zoomed up really close to a wall clock that looks similar to what you see in a high school.  You'd hear loud ticking sounds throughout the scene as they showed how dark the room was.   Later she's visited by a husband or boyfriend and she physically fights him off and runs to the corner of the room and throws up green puke.  She then looks up at him and slowly kneels down to pick up the puke and munches on it.   Shortly after she is subdued by the man and possibly a nurse. 

Later that night everything is calm again with that ticking sound.  Then comes a big moth or butterfly tapping really loud at the window.  She looked at it and was possibly mesmerized, later she sneaks out and follows this butterfly/moth as it leads her to some building.  The man somehow saw her leaving and follows.

scene 3. Small birthday party or get together,  she may have had a son but I don't know.   Everybody had some cake, after a few bites she looked at the uneaten half on the coffee table and noticed there were maggots falling out of it.

That's all I can remember.

Any possible lead I can get to find this movie would be greatly appreciated.  smile  Been looking on and off for about 10 years now.. no luck so far.   lol

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Is your movie related to eMMe's thread ? Both of you have old asian horror movies that has maggots crawling out of the cake. … p?id=13561

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Yeah it might be but only thing that's similar is the maggot cake.. I posted stuff in there too but I really do wonder if it's the same.  I figure if I create a thread and give it more detail then perhaps someone will have a better chance of putting the pieces together.  This is really bugging me that I can't find it. 

I tried sifting through this really nice database site a few hours ago.. lots of  HK movies from 70's to 80's but I can't draw any connections.  Some really nice material there, it's like IMDB kinda but for HK cinema.   Everything is in categories based on genre.

hmm seems I can't post links yet.

this site is quite nice btw, lots of new horror films I haven't seen before until I came here,  stuff like Kilometro 31.  Looks very promising.

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Re: Old asian horror film. Still looking for it after a decade.

That hong kong database site seemed to be missing a lot of of movies. If only i can relive my childhood , there were some pretty good gory horror movies from hong kong during the late 70s/80s and sadly they don't seemed to exist on dvd and some of them , i don't remember the titles.

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getting pretty hopeless.  I'm going to try asking my parents and maybe my aunts and uncles.  see if they know anything.