Topic: Gremlins (1984) on ITV 2 on Monday at 9PM (UK ONLY)

A teenager is given a bizarre animal as a Christmas gift from his eccentric father, with a warning to keep it away from water, not to feed it after midnight or expose it to direct light. However, a chance dousing causes the furball to spawn a horde of murderous miniature carnivores, and their devilish deeds bring mayhem to a small town. Comedy horror, starring Zach Galligan and Phoebe Cates, with Hoyt Axton and Polly Holliday

I love this movie,  I Can't wait to watch this movie on Monday.

i will reapeat Gremlins is on ITV 2 on Monday at 9PM
Clad it after 9PM, I hate it when put on 12:000 last year and cut out half the movie.