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Well, I'm not sure how much it was worth, but as this is a mexican movie, I can tell: there was not a lot of money involved in it.. smile

This is a page where you can find info, but unfortunately for most of the ppl here, it's in spanish... anyway, there's the trailer clicking the red word AQUI in the bottom of the page.

The story follows tiwn sisters having an accident at km. 31, where years ago a woman killed her sons, and the sisters face her spirit...

I'm waiting for it, since Mexicans are not really great with horror movies (I remmember an old one named LAS LLORONAS, ohhh gosh, it was AWFUL!), but well, it's national product anyway...

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Sorry!! the page is … ormatoId=2

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wow that trailer is pretty damn kick ass. Great find! Its very silent hill'ish in its style.