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Hey everyone! I have an extra box set of Angel (season 1). Only the first disc has been viewed. This is the slimline box set. 3 slimline cases, two discs per case. The box is almost mint. just a few little scuff marks. Other than that everything is mint. Anyhow, I was wondering how many dvds should I trade this for? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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It entirely depends on who you are trading too. Looks like the set goes from about 40-32$ brand new, if you were to sell it to a pawn shop they usually give 1/3 of the price or less for most items. But if you were trading it to someone who likes the series, a friend or family member, You could trade like a really new movie, and a older one, or like 4 older movies. Its entirley situational though. Sorry for that over complicated response.  tongue:P

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Iike prime said, it's entirely situational.
For instance I have absolutely no idea what those DVD's are worth in a trade but I know I could buy you for a carton of cigarettes if we were in prison.
Perspectives on worth often vary  wink

lol  lol

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Just keep the set man!!!!

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Thanks everyone for the help. Yeah, I will probably end up keeping it. Maybe one day, when the opportunity comes around I will get rid of it.

Deadhorse, but I don't smoke anymore lol lol